Cardano UpdateBig Competition for EthereumADA Cryptocurrency

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Cardano UpdatePerhaps Ethereum's biggest competitor and run by Ethereum's former CEO. Cardano is a peer reviewed blockchain aiming for mass adoption of cryptocurrency and is pushing for empowering developing nations to adopt crypto.

kuburitsa: This is an unpaid review for a project that was deemed worthy of research time, Pakunyora uye varindi kuti zvinangwa dzidzo.
Uyezve, I own ADA and love it, still filling my bag on dips

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Cardano UpdateBig Competition for EthereumADA Cryptocurrency

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  1. Lark did you know that 75 percent of people take people with curly hair less seriously?

    Your rock brotha, I take you seriously 🙄

  2. Great video and great information this is definitely one to watch charles hoskinson is an intelligent man BUT slow and steady wins the race need more ADA😜

  3. Did you know, that keeping feet in a freezer and head in a cooker, statistically means your body has perfect temperature? This is the magic of statistics

  4. Made a 10x on ADA last year and that was when I bought above this price. Will be accumulating this now and on the way up again.

  5. Yew! Cardano is a legendary project, thanks for doing it justice Lark. That team is going to do wonders

  6. +R C me toobut we learningtaking a profit is what we both need to understandeven if it means we don’t get the very top.. dai wango, we don’t end up in this same position again

  7. +sunking25 easy, you get your final warning every time.
    1.Open up a tradingview BTC chart.
    2. Go to the daily
    3. Scroll back to the 2014 parabolic bull
    4. See the double top and massive dip from $1170 kuti $540 then back to $990?
    We’ll if you missed the double top, then jump out at $990.
    You’ll see a similar occurrence on the 2017 parabolic bull rally except no double top. Exit at $17000.
    Key is not to be greedy. I’d be happy with a 5x this time around.

  8. My favourite Charles Hoskinson quote is, “I have more billionaires in my phone than the haters have girlfriends”.😀😂😀
    Excellent content Lark!! Not many Youtubers take the time to understand the technical aspects of crypto projects.
    Investing more money in a Bear market is easy once this knowledge has been acquired.

  9. People say they wish they could have invested in Apple before the Ipad, Microsoft before windows, Amazon when it was a bookstore. Each one of those projects were criticized at the time. Founders castigated and potential investors warned by their collegues. “The internet is a fad”, “they are on the verge of bankruptcy”, “it is insanely overvalued already”.

    People in hindsight think that those were easy calls. I am here to tell you, they weren’t. How many have the patience and fortitude to trust in what they know? Because this could be one of those once in a lifetime calls. Recent ADA whale here. See you guys at the celebration party on the far-side of Jupiter.

  10. +OTT2OWN I put 19.76767799 BTC in it at 1129 satoshis, I got in a lil late but still at the 0.072, I am hoping it runs up to 8 cents cause if so I’d of made 2 BTC off that.

    Once I get high enough I am selling but plan to keep 500k ADA.

    I gotta get 2 million TRX, 50,000 Ripple, (because I don’t know for sure if that coin is shooting up to no fucking 500+ dollars like the hypes all about, pamwe 1.00 until wintersince it was already 2-3 madhora, it definitely could see 5-8 it actually depends)… so yes I do gotta throw some in Ripple.

    So yeah, those are my 3 bets, I like VeChainthat coin never seen a winter seasonal boomI probably will probably get at least 500k of those, we’ll see.

    And I am not doing fine, I need more money there are things I need to do in my fucked up terrible life, I am shooting for over a million.

    If any of these coins do anywhere near they did last year then I will be a millionaire this year, and I will HELP those in need since I am an experienced day trader I can help get people started.

  11. +cefrio I wish, I don’t even have a carhoping I could just buy one and a house if these coins do anywhere near what they did last year, and reinvest, and live off the money I make with this crypto stuff til the day I die, and keep my family well fed and set.. even those I call friends.

    I hate work.

  12. +TottsWills cool . Then I have 3.333 buckets of ADA if that fits in a truckhahaha I think a truck load is about 1BTC worth of ADA… pamusoro 100 000 ADA

  13. Sunking25, I am getting my training from Trade Crypto Live they have YT channel and web site. Scott is true to us learning how to do this straight up fundamentals and TA. The wave 5 dip might not be done yet i am hopping for .06 soon when they bring BTC to below 5k and lower.

  14. yes, like making smart (more like dumb) contracts that don’t work and lock up money forever.
    patience is a virtue, not a liability.

  15. Me. I just sold all of mine and got more EOS. Sick of waiting while EOS is killing it and giving me loads of airdrops.

  16. I’ve been patient, very patientand while I’ve been waiting I’ve been researching, zvizhinji. And it turns out that there are projects more worthy of my investment. Cardano is a morally superior, pretentious ego-trip of a project. No-one cares about pier reviews outside of the annals of science, where it belongs.

  17. Who’s more foolish, the fool or the fool who follows him? Cardano will not happen! They’re too stuck up their own arses to see that the race has already begun.

  18. OctoMan PC’s Really? They’re not even launched, so how can they have one? I don’t they’ll be launched any time soon, whereas EOS is blazing a trail across the cryptoverse.

  19. LMAO EOS! I should have known. EOS is falling apart thats why 4 executives AND 2 Private contractors walked out of the company today

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