Cardano Moon Shot To $5.00 mu 2018?

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Cardano has been surging ever since late November and has shown no signs of letting up since it went on its run. What will it take for Cardano to reach $5.00?

Cardano Moon Shot To $5.00 mu 2018?

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  1. like the constant videos, but maybe write a script or bullet points? a lot of rambling, makes video way too long sometimes.

  2. Had to make a video late in the night for cardano huh? haha wishing success for everyone!

  3. Circulating supply doesn’t matter at all. If you invest 1000 USD you can still go 10 times your investment no matter how many coin you got for those 1000 USD. Only stat that i look at is current market cap and can that market cap go ten times bigger. Number of coins doesn’t matter at all.

  4. I love speeding them up and binge watching. It keeps me from being lonely when i watch these damn numbers

  5. I bought cardano at 10c $1000 now it’s at $0.55 I am I am very happy I did not sell at 20c I will keep my cardano all the way to $5 also I think it will hit $1 this month 😏

  6. To $5.00!? lol!? Dude, this coin may see 5 dollars before the beginning of 2018.. let alone by the end of the year.

  7. TheCryptoNerd when you sleep you get fucked you miss the right price, sorry for the word

  8. Adam Kay I can see it sitting at at least 500 by years end once people realize its value in blockchaining, during the exact time we see cryptos blowing up.. this coin is literally the future. It even beats EOS cause of its mining concept

  9. persie PRINCE sleep is for the weakyou sleep you get behind in the crypto world👍🏼

  10. only money in your pocket is real. when it goes down to 0.01, dont cry. you don’t know whom you are playing with.

  11. It’s good to be on a good run. I think cardano will hit $10 by the end of next year. I also have bought Cashaa $1000 it will on the markets 15th Jan it should go up to the moon. 🤗

  12. Brighton Chou damn salty bro? get back to .01 just like they said about bitcoin? 😂😂😂😂😂 you should buy some while it’s still cheap.

  13. the answer to buying it at around 50 cents yes you should because people are going to be holding the coin because they are going to want to be staking. At least thats what im doing. i know its risky at these prices but its better you buying at 50 cents and it goes down to 40 than you not buying and it goes to a $1.

  14. I think Cardano is 10 x undervalued .. am also keeping my eye on POWR .. looks ready to POWR UP

  15. You are so thick man, there is litterally no chance it will get to 500 panozopera 2018, Even with the same marketcap as bitcoin atm it would only be 12 madhora

  16. Circulating Supply is everythingBy looking at circulating supply and the market cap of of something like Ethernet or Bitcoin you can get a better idea of where it will be in a years time. For Cardano to be worth 12 dollars it would have to have a market cap of 300 billion atm it is 13 bhiriyoni, I would be very suprised if it even hit 5 dollars by the end of 2018, not impossbile but I think 1-3 dollars is more reasonable.

  17. willowcx1 Ah dude it’s easily gonna sit at 250 ea by years end especially considering this is where blockchaining absolutely must go, these overheating servers and backdoor miners are only relevant now; that needs to change. Cardano offers that change, and majority to Asians. Easily 250ea by years end, this market cap is going to overthrow all coins subsequently

  18. Where can I learn about market cap and circulating supply. I don’t understand. I know its the amount of coins but I dont know how big should be good for the price or how to estimate how far it is able to grow. Anyones help would be great thanks

  19. TheFisgos if the market cap is the same as what? How does that information tell me if the coin is good or not. It’s not clear to me. If the price is higher than the supply is that good or bad. I need to find a video on this I think

  20. I got in at 13 cents the night before it jumped to 20 and ADA hasnt looked back since! 🙂 unfortunately it was only a modest amount. Profit is profit though!

  21. i get coms if you sign up as well 🙂 but hey this is a great site that has a fair amount of coins.

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