Cardano ADABig Updates & Growing Adoption In Spite of Price

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Cardano news and updates. Two new languages make their debut, new foundation head, metaps card rolls out in Korea, mhando 1.4 brings upgrades, and Blockchain for Europe.


Ripple [XRP], NEM and Cardano working together to create a new European Blockchain Association

kuburitsa: This is an unpaid news update for a project that was deemed worthy of research time, Pakunyora uye varindi kuti zvinangwa dzidzo. Uyezve, I currently have a truck load of Cardano.


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Cardano ADABig Updates & Growing Adoption In Spite of Price

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  1. world valeur your comment lacks any substance and is a low level character attack, if you have real criticisms make them known, otherwise you are adding nothing to the conversation

  2. I don’t want it all right now. I wouldn’t mind ADA being 3 cents for a while. Gives me time to buy, tenga, and buy

  3. My favorite project by a landslide. I’m glad to have the Crypto Lark on my side in this one. Looking forward to a 2019 breakout for Cardano.
    Thanks Lark!!

  4. Cardano keeps breaking through wall after wall they’ve encountered. Keep up the great work Charles!

  5. ADA seems like a solid investmentlike many aspectsthey have tried to do things right all alongbe nice to see them take the lead

  6. Thanks for update ! I am a big-big fan of Cardano. It’s been a year since I entered Cardano, and I still think it’s the most powerful crypto project ever since.

  7. +Miker Shin a little reading for you.
    Metaps Plus, a Seoul based mobile fintech subsidiary of Metaps and EMURGO, the commercial development arm of Cardano, a leading third-generation blockchain ecosystem, announced they have finished technical integration of Cardano native asset ADA on the Metaps Plus platform and launch of the world’s first cryptocurrency card based on the Cardano (ADA) chiratidzo.

    The card enables users to spend their ADA at over 30,000 offline merchants in South Korea including well-known convenience stores such as GS25 and Emart24. Users have the option of selecting a mobile gift card or a physical gift card that works easily with mobile app recharge capabilities.

    Metaps Plus had received over 200 pre-orders for the physical card which is available in denominations of 100 ADA and 1,000 ADA units for use at a wide selection of merchants in South Korea. Users can log onto Metaps+ crypto card website and go through the KYC process to buy the ADA card at the fixed rate offered to users from exchangeand use it in QR code format.

    “EMURGO was the only partner ready with deep understanding into offline payment integration and strategic focus to provide a practical application for cryptocurrencies. We plan to develop this product further to ensure we have solid use cases for broader offline adoption with Korean online and offline merchants”

    Metaps Plus CEO, Seungyeon Kim

    “I am extremely pleased that the ADA cryptocurrency integration with Metaps Plus is now completed. This means people will be able to make purchases via mobile app, but there is even more than that. Now with the ability to charge ADA onto a CRYPTO CARD, people in Korea will be able to take their ADA and physically hold it in their hands and use it in their daily life. My hope is to see this develop into the widespread adoption of this new method of payment. "

    EMURGO’s CEO, Ken Kodama

    Borrowed from cryptoninja

  8. ADA is the Evolution.

    Anyone interested in becoming more involved in the Cardano project, join the forum at where there’s info about starting a Meetup group.

  9. I love the ada cards and the retail store integration however spending ada now is effectively throwing money away.

  10. +The Crypto Lark I bet Cardano should be #1 smart contracts coin , not to mention that smart contract features deployed on a side block chain : ari “computation layer” , This briliant design is unique to Cardano and puts the coin on a higher security level on its own. The Cardano Africa project has the potential to become the game changer for crypto, as it will be the mass adoption in a scence millions of pepole in Africa , currently out of the banking system will become part of the financial global communitiy latest technology on the planet. if Cardano delivers to Africa thepromiss landAfrica capital fortune will grow and bring along prosperity. This is an inspiring thought with a deep positive spiritual meaning.

  11. They love their wierd names at cardano. Most i cant remember, or spell, or say. Oroborous for example. Reminds me a bit about google 🙂

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