Cardano 2020 MOONSHOT? Will ADA Compare To Ethereum? Shelley, Staking, Sharding and Problems

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Cardano was founded by Ethereum’s initial core member Charles Hoskinson. Though Cardano started with great promise and at one point had a market cap of almost 32 billion and costed over $1.20, with the market going down, and constant delays in the project it now stands at just over $1.1 bhiriyoni. What are the latest updates with Cardano? Though many believe it will compete head to head with Ethereum, others believe Cardano is not a serious project.

As the new decade kicked off, cryptocurrency ADA witnessed a 12.82% price pump. It has finally broken its yearlong bearish trend. pari zvino, ADA is riding the wave of Cardano popularity. Mukuwedzera, it has turned out to be a very promising blockchain project. That’s because it aims to solve the scalability snag of Blockchain networks.


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Cardano 2020 MOONSHOT? Will ADA Compare To Ethereum? Shelley, Staking, Sharding and Problems

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  1. Given the blockone announcement, EOS may struggle to compete with Cardano. I think the more important question is whether Shelley works and is rolled out more timely going forward. If so, then Cardano may have a shot at competing with Ethereum.

  2. Several issues with this price prediction. (1) When Shelly is released (on mainnet), given 50% of all ADA is currently being staked on the testnet, that means at least 50% less on the markets to trade on exchanges (2) When Shelly is released, demand is going to go up by those NOT already holding ADA for staking (3) ADA is NOT listed on Coinbase, thus this is going to drive demand up, where there is going to be 50% less already available for trading (4) There is a massive assumption that the ratio between BTC and ADA is going to remain the same, this is HIGHLY unlikely. Of the many discussions on the alts vs btc flipping, this is definitely one of the candidates for causing it (5) IF Ethereum 2.0 suffers a design issue and Smart Contracts is successful on Cardano, this is going to add MORE demand on ADA; as you’ll need ADA to run your smart contract. This again is going to be stifled by the lower availability.

    and you DONT think ADA is likely to reach $10 ????

    despite all the delays and trolls, Shelly and Smart contracts are going to be here by the end of the year, if not by the second half. Coinbase wont be far behind listing ADA (it’s already being worked on)

  3. Great video and info as always. ADA is a good project with great potential! I would put the Zeus starter kit to good use.

  4. Big fan of cardano and think they will be a huge part of the crypto sphere in the next 5 makore

  5. I’ve been following ADA and Hoskinson since 2016. He is all talk. Smoke and mirrors. Nothing but delays and blame game. Immense developments? Please explain. All talk.

  6. I believe ADA could reach evaluations of at least 7 or so given its supply, growth and reflecting upon previous all time highs of XRP with a much higher supply over time.

  7. Unless or until Etherium fumbles, all general ETH-me_toos will continue to wither. “nane” solutions still have to overcome the network effect.

  8. Look at Elastos Ecosystem. Most Secure, Decentralized and Scalable Eco in cryptospace with Digital ID services and decentral Storage. All build in time with almost no delays on milestones.

  9. I’m really down on Cardano, but have my hopes on some green this year. It’s still a decent project

  10. Charles Hoskinson, a great founder for something like ADA, gotta be bullish on the long term 🚀

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