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In Vhidhiyo iyi, Mattie talks about the recent Chinese court ruled that owning bitcoin is lawful. He also gives you an update on EOS and Unibright.
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In Case You Missed It: Chinese Court Ruled That Owning Bitcoin is Lawful

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深国仲案例精选 | 比特币仲裁案

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Unibright Update – Community Speaks

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Bitcoin Now LEGAL in China, plus EOS and UnibrightToday's Crypto News

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  1. Can we got some news on Aeron #ARN $ARN , would greatly appreciate it Thanks, alot of nice altcoins out there under the radar sleeping.

  2. Let’s load the + nhau, time shall come when all will reflect. N surely gonna be massively massive.

  3. This guy has become salesman to the newbies of late. It’s like he’s talking to children. Keeps telling us how big crypto will be. He should realise that people investing in crypto don’t need to hear 100 times a videos how he promises how big it will be.

  4. So I wrote this comment about a month ago on a different YouTube channel discussing China Projects…..this will happen……..

    (((After going to “thekey “ website and reading the white paper and everything on the site… can not tell me that this coin won’t blow up…. this is a definite long term holdthe have a tight relationship with the China Government…. even though buying crypto is banned from China…. mark my wordsthey will be able to buy their own projects soon….thekey will take off…. this is no bluffI don’t work for them…. I’m not being paid to say thisin matter of factim definitely not a financial advisor…….I’m gonna drop a nugget for all of you…..this is what I am doing….anything Chinese crypto ( top 20-30 projects ) I’m buying it…. you ask why do I buy if it’s currently banned???? Because I know one day it won’t be banned! China is trying to figure out how to control it, tax it, and to keep it stable…. THeRe IS OVER 1BILLION PEOPLE IN CHINA!!!!!! Once the crypto ban it lifted, Everybody and their mama in China will be buying and supporting their OWN ( projects out of China)!!!! Billions hitting the market over night…. THEy WONT EVEN NEED U.S Dollars!!!!!! No way you can tell me I’m wrong about this.. it’s a long term hodl….CHINA will RISEChina is even creating there own crypto so that they don’t have to use Bitcoin…..will be paired with some type of YEN coin…..I believe CHINA projects will make us/them Wealthy…. if you think I’m crazy please hate my comment and give me an explanation…..))))

  5. Reallyyou are letting emotions get in your waythis is what the whales wantpeople like you to make comments like that and create FUD…. I’m sure you are a great person but you have to take your emotion out of this…. you and Ialong with others are on the ground floor of a massive explosion….. our coins/tokens will take off!…. to much institutional money getting involve for this to go to zero….. the only reason bitcoin is at a stand still is because they( the whales ) are controlling volume and slowly accumulating….. let them buy and pump the price……and then dump! And be ready to buy bags and laugh yourself to the bank! When the price starts to pumpdon’t buyjust be patient…. for me personally…. I don’t buy pumpsI buy dips…. if I miss out then there will be other opportunities!!!!! Not financial advice but just sharing how I control my emotions…. I sleep good even when stuff tanks…. because eventually it will go up….. fear= false evidence appearing real….. don’t buy into it!!!!! Hodl

  6. Nothing’s changed. Nothing to see here since crypto trading is still illegal. We won’t see a rise in bitcoin or neo until regulated exchanges open and trading in the country is resumed.

  7. People need to look deeper at what eos is doing the next 3 months are going to make the crypto worlds head spin , amazing project that is working and building at a breakneck pace ,

  8. because normal people dont care anymore. and it may be legal to hold, but chinese government cares about its people, they wont put bitcoins atm everywhere and stuff, because they know that this market is made up of speculators that would sell everything when profit gets good enough. chinese people invest in gold and houses, not crypto, especially after dec 2017

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