Bitcoin News – Amazon, Maruta, Marazhiya, Rashiya, Korea, and Mining!

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Our news roundup from around the cryptoverse !

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Bitcoin News – Amazon, Maruta, Marazhiya, Rashiya, Korea, and Mining!

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  1. Yeah man having to call out too many people for posting stuff in groups without even reading it themselves first.

  2. This has been one of your best videos Lark!! Optimistic now. The last two weeks have been many emotions, and hard to be optimistic. So thank you for this video. F Jamie, and all the nay sayers. We have so much to look forward to. The halving of Bitcoin is coming!!!

  3. the guy that created the logrithic growth curve claims 100,000 in ten years but over a million in 20…. if it follows past performance.

  4. I’ll eat a delicious fresh tuna and onion baguette in private if Bitcoin does’nt reach $27,000,000 in the next 20 masekondi.

  5. Russia’s Centralbank is directed by the Bank of England, it’s not tied to the sovereign state of Russia, that’s why Poetin and others see crypto as an opportunity to become more financially independent .

  6. zvinosuruvarisa, to my knowledge logarithmic graphs are based on historical performance, crypto may not continue to grow in the same rate it has since its inception. but who knows..

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