Bitcoin Mining in January 2018 – Still Profitable?

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Bitcoin Mining in February 2018 – Still Profitable? READ DESCRIPTION

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PLEASE NOTE: I used eBay pricing for the miners in this video. If you see any lower prices on retail websites for these miners, please keep in mind that miners sold directly by retailers are almost NEVER available. Nechikonzero ichi, secondhand prices are some of the most accurate for the time being.



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Bitcoin Mining in January 2018 – Still Profitable?

33 mashoko

  1. Essentially it’s not worth it at this point unless you can get a S9 around $3500 or L3 for $3000 or less.

  2. NOTE: Ebay sell Miner expensive, because currently you cant buy them now. So ebay sellers usually trick you to believe they have them, but they dont have them, they only pre-order it, and make you pay alot 1-3 times more so they can gain profit. Read desc close before buy a miner that they dont have.

  3. Exactly my point. Who the hell reads and listen to this stuff? Anybody thats mining knows if its still profitable and hell yeah it is.

  4. The problem with your numbers is that you are just using calculators and not real mining data. I am a miner and while I agree that only an idiot would pay 6k for a miner that retails at $2400, used to be $1500. For the record mining is very profitable as long as you keep up with difficulty levels by updating your equipment by 10% hashing power once a year. New miners that you didn’t mention are. Dragonment 16TH/s ($2000 from manufacture) (anyone interested in one I am a registered buyer and can help you out), Avalon 821 11TH/s 1200watts ($2500), What’sapp M3 11.5 TH / s (gets more like 13TH/s) and Avalon is releasing a 9 series miner in the spring that is expected to around 15TH/s running on only 1200watts. Don’t tell people not to mine, tell them not to pay for overpriced miners from people who buy up all the miners and sell them for 3 times what they paid for them. Sorry I get angry when I see them guaging people for miners. 6K is ridiculous for a miner they paid $1500 nokuti. Rant over, lol

  5. only stupid people mine, better to spend the money on coin and trade.
    The only people wanting to con you into mining are the pools and cloud hosters.

  6. 2 mazano: change the play speed to 1.5 X. refer to topical stats. (The U.S. electricity price map is from 2010)

  7. I did the math, if you invest in a 1200 day for $4999 contract , you make your money back the first year. You profit from the break even after. If anyone is interested msg me for a amazing profitable opportunity.

  8. 13 cents a kilowatt is pretty dead onbut one thing missing out is the electric tier level. Once you pass up a certain amount of electricity for the month, which is easy to do with a bit miner, you then hit tier level 2, then you tier level 3, and your price is easily 25 cents a kilowatt hourwhich now just destroys your profits. I think this is why were seeing so many used mining rigs for sale on craigslist.

  9. Just put it somewhere that will catch you house on fire. Can’t stand what yall are doing to the gpu market.

  10. 2 1/2 months later bitcoin value is about 9,100 USD so I think at this point you should turn off your miners, save electricity and hope like hell the value goes up again!

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  12. I just watch your video in April 2018, and the price from s9 antminer ?drop 3x in value, what do you think about that, must be some background about dropping the price?
    and what happens after are bitcoin have mined already?
    the transaction also in future need hash rate to transfer? what your thoughts about ETH and last post from VItalik (120.000.000 eth)in total?thx

  13. Are the computer processing facilities being built for cryptos around the world really for the government? Is satoshi Nakamoto the government and how do you know? I hope I get an answer. Satoshi Nakamoto is the key.

  14. If you live outside the US and Canada and would like an S9, you can get it for less than $3K. Would that make it worth it to you?

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  17. I remember my first bitcoin I mined..was worth 12 dollars..and took 3 days with a cheap 3.2ghz Pentium 4and a dollsr worth of what..3grand in electric

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