Bitcoin Miners Double Down in Face Of BTC Price Crash – Cryptocurrency News

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Bitcoin and cryptocurrency newsBitcoin mining gets tough for small miners and big projects launching in Paraguay and Armenia as miners double down in the face of the price crash.

F2Pool Shuts down miners

600K Bitcoin Miners Shut Down in Last 2 Weeks, F2Pool Founder Estimates

Bitcoin Armenia

Bitcoin Paraguay

Bitcoin Russia

Bitcoin Sweden

Bitcoin Canada


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Bitcoin Miners Double Down in Face Of BTC Price Crash – Cryptocurrency News

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  1. A long time ago in a galaxy far far away, this year 😂 I think energy shouldn’t be subsidized either. None of that get out of jail free nonsense. Washing out all our cloud mining contracts with it too. 🙃

  2. Progress doesn’t give 2 satoshis about market price. It’s fraudulent. What is clear is that the world over is preparing for crypto and blockchain. Excellent work as always Lark.

  3. Hey crypto the DAM that you are talking about is ITAPU and is not only paraguaian DAM. They share it with the BRAZILIANS (who built it in paraguai terrain) and all the surplus eletricity is by contract, sold to Brazil.

  4. Sounds like the price reductions and shut downs will only result in even more centralization of proof of work coins🙁

  5. Is the reservoir large enough to carry a heatsink without raising the overall water temp too high for the Life inside the Lake? If it is doable it sounds like a good plan.

  6. great video. curious about that painting to your left. does it come to life when no one is looking? lol. great video as usual. thanks JR

  7. Could you do a review of the current status of projects like NEM, IOTA and NEO? And analyzing some near future goals and possibilities with some in-depth research? Things are too market focused atm in general and folks are losing sight of the potential and value of DLTs.

  8. +rublaj How about a mining operation that uses spillway water to cool the heat sink from the miners outputIt could be arranged in such a way that *extra energy* can be harvested. The trick is too cool it to a normal range. If the indigenous life further down the river doesn’t see temperature changes then it could be considered a success from an environmental perspective. The question might be, “Is it economically feasible?”

  9. crazy licensing process, but we are nearing the end, hope to be on markets in early 2019

  10. Yea people are already meeting Hackerparksunglee07@gmail. com to generate their btc for Xmas is close got mine also

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