Bitcoin Market Shake Up as Tether Losing Dominance & Steemit in Trouble – Cryptocurrency News

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Bitcoin and cryptocurrency newsTether sees strong competition from Paxos and other stable coins, Steemit Inc may be in crisis, Amazon gets big into blockchain, and Overstock ceo doubles down on crypto.

Paxos Tether

Steemit Crisis

Steemit Lays Off 70% of Its Staff, Citing Crypto Bear Market


Crypto Mining


Amazon gets into the blockchain with Quantum Ledger Database & Managed Blockchain



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Bitcoin Market Shake Up as Tether Losing Dominance & Steemit in Trouble – Cryptocurrency News

33 mashoko

  1. What’s the difference between being in one stablecoin over another? As long as trust in their funds is established, a coin will roughly = 1$

  2. Ehe, not a big difference becasue they are all worth a dollar, but they are different in terms of transparency, backdoors, regulatory approval etc.

  3. Why does steem it even have staff? Shouldn’t the entire thing be ran by the people and be decentralized? If it’s not decentralized then it has no business being a “misa cheni” or a platform.

  4. He makes 2 kana 3 pazuva, how many do you want?? But I’ll assume you were simply complimenting him because he does a good job and packs a lot of info in each one.

  5. Hey lark i want to know about the art in your background what it is? And does it have a name?

  6. It doesn’t have a name, but it is a piece made by a family friend and famous NZ artist, commenting on the dangers of AI

  7. Yikes LarkERC20 based coins are not my favourite option! Fud around Tether is because it’s possibly not back by USD. So is BTC, paEti, XRP or whatever backed by anything?? NopeSo who cares if USDT is backed or not! It’s only used as a trading base to come in & out of BTC etc. So Paxos is regulated ahor did you mean ‘monitored’? Lets keep Tether & throw out the other rubbish:)

  8. lol its true the painting does come to life. as the plant and painting have switched sides in previous videos lol

  9. thanks for keep creating this daily amazing content lark. I love listening to you.
    even in such hard times you dont disappear. true player in the game.
    btw your video views doubled since last month, great indicator

  10. This is whats needed these long bear markets will not only shake out the weak investors it will shake out the weak coins .

  11. Developers can work on steem blockchain technology itself or just create things that run on top, sure someone will do it for free, but most people love to get paid 4 their work as soon as possibleother projects offer paid jobs, so developers have choice

  12. Tbh , i think it paints a bit more bleak picture on Steem than necessary. Steemit inc is mostly just the front end, there are plenty of teams and frontend working on the STEEM blockchain.. it has gone further than just Steemit and Ned, we dont need Ned to keep show running! 🙂

  13. Since you stopped doing the long intros your video output seems to have increased Larkor am I imagining that? No matter, I for one would rather see more vids than fancy intros, the hilarity factory of the aforementioned intros notwithstanding .

  14. Ya peeps need to get paid for their work, charity doesnt get you very far all the time

  15. Steem sucks, once I spent a all my $$$ on upvote bots that were being promoted to me, that ahole who made dtube somehow killes my earning basically stealing from me, to hell with that site

  16. Ehe, it is true, the intros take a long time to cook up and edit, I am still going to do them when I am inspired, but will probably just make them independent uploads

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