Bitcoin Market Manipulation Exposed – Bitfinex / Tether Implicated in New York Times Report

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Bitfinex and Tether have been implicated in market manipulation by an article in The New York Times citing a recent report, further stoking fears that what many in the market have long believed to be happening may indeed be happening.

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Bitcoin Market Manipulation Exposed – Bitfinex / Tether Implicated in New York Times Report

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  1. Thanks for the video. I use Kraken so that you can actually trade directly to USD. Other exchanges have USD options such as Coinbase and Bittrex. I believe the US government is actually waiting until the demise of Tether will have the least impact on the crypto markets. Yes the writing is on the wall for both Tether and Bitfinex.

  2. Such an amazing video Lark. How motivating seeing you do this in a single cut and relaying all the bullet points without skipping a beat. People really need to understand they have options. They don’t have to use USDT to arbitrage. I’m loving that new green screen. 😂

  3. Dear Lark, Thank you so much for the urgent video! this is the first time I see you angry about something that will definitely harm the Crypto space and its markets. I can feel the anger and you have my support and love.

  4. I have no idea how Tether has survived so long. Great video mate, hopefully someone gets inspired by this and takes their holdings out of Tether and puts their money toward influencing a project that they believe in.

  5. Great job Crypto Lark. I haven’t used tether since January when you posted the issues with tether. You called this a long time ago

  6. Brilliant video Lark, you’re doing the good work. Keep it up brother. Someone has to do it!

  7. Thanks I appreciate your thoughts on this. Good advice to look at alternatives and not to walk from Crypto. It’s comforting to see bad players can be outed in the end and there are people keeping an eye on shady dealings. This news is a good reminder to only invest what you’re comfortable with losing or leaving dormant for longer term returns. It’s so easy to get swept away when prices pump. Spread bet on some great projects and see what pops.

  8. I havent used bitfinex since they start restricted withdrawal limits. If Tether do not have the money, we probably going to see this thing go down like MT Gox did. We then going to have a slow climb to the top again, but it will happen. But should that happen, I will be buying some cheap coins. 🙂 #BelieveInTheTech

  9. Nah mate I’m Australian, neighbours with Lark herebut the surname originates not too far from there, it’s Scottish 👍

  10. They have and will survive because no one including the US has the authority to investigate them. The use of US dollars is not enough cause for the British Virgin Islands to go along with an investigation for very good reasons. For an investigation to happen the US would have to show violations of the Drug Trafficking, or Terrorist Financing regime Offences Act, on an exchange with voluntary KYC rules.

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