Bitcoin Lightning NetworkBetter Than Ever!

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Bitcoin's lightning network is growing by the day and is bigger and better than ever, new user friendly wallets and amazing PR are are coming together to help Lightning take off. Feeling tipsy? Send me a lightning payment here


Top Bitcoin Lightning Apps You Can Use Today (Part 2)


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Bitcoin Lightning NetworkBetter Than Ever!

59 mashoko

  1. Lightening Network will never scale enough for billions of ppl for global adoption. only bSV can do that. plz dyor instead of staying ignorant.

  2. Yesterday I sent some btc to an exchange it was unconfirmed for a day then I had to pay to accelerator 35$ so transaction was done . That’s a crime I think

  3. bitcoin is garbage and now they wanna decrease its block size and use the tightening network which totally a different system and it doesn’t work most of the time. what is next ? surpass the 21 million cap soon.

  4. Really really really really fast. 😎 I’m still trying to figure out how legitimate all that traffic was at the height of fees in 2017. That bitfury node is freaking everyone out. 🤷‍♂️ Thanks for the full rundown on Lightning Lark. Lots of things to keep in mind and lots to still figure out for sure. Unfortunatly time has not allowed me to set a node up yet.

  5. I would like to officially start a rumor that BCH will soon be adding the TRUE version of lightning network.

    Ver is such a sneaky genius, isn’t he!!

  6. The Lightning network will be the soul saver. I think this will really make things better in the space. Speed of transactions is key to success. I have high hope, Lightening is the key that will slowly make things move forward. Thanks for sharing. Sincerely JR

  7. This is what I like in a video: good commentary and technical data that gets me up to speed and saves me the time of having to do all this research on my own. That’s what I like about a lot of your videos, Lark. =)

  8. Yeah, I feel that a huge amount was spam at the time……wonder who could have done that…….

  9. I can’t believe people are still trying to have this scaling debate, BTC with lightning network has proven its status, BCH and BSV forked for no reason. Great video lark!

  10. That’s really odd. I moved 10 bitcoin from HW wallet to paper wallet yesterday that took 25 mins with 6 confirmations and cost $1.35. Go figure

  11. +Dave VinciWhat’s L.N.
    I suggest you stay far away from crypto as possible. Seriously, you’ll hurt yourself…..

  12. Sent some sats using Wallet of Satoshi! Pretty damn cool to be a part of this revolution!
    Super easy install and really easy to use! The future is Present! 🙂
    No handle?

  13. Good to keep some daily funds in lightning network and remainder of holdings in cold storage. Similar to holding fiat in daily usage accounts and savings/term deposits etc.

  14. The crime being that you have no idea how to set the appropriate fee and use the protocol correctly.

  15. animal lover
    Am open to why. Would you mind elaborating? One thing in life I have learned is to listen everyone out

  16. +Mac Potter I get that response a lot. Just because you say something, that doesn’t make it so. If I’m wrong, you should easily be able to engage in fact-based and rational debate to outline precisely why. So tell me, how is what I’ve said false?

  17. +P Murphy hurt myself with lightening yes i agree . you must be blind to think BTC can be used by enterprises for transacting . i am in crypto but will never touch BTC.

  18. It’s like bitcoin is gold and lightning network is paper money. You keep gold at home and use paper money to spend and convert paper money to gold when you want to store it

  19. +raymond ona Except paper money can be printed out of thin air, infinitely. Lightning Transactions are Bitcoin transactions, therefore you analogy doesn’t really fit.

  20. Bob amithe argument for and against ‘lightening network’ is interestingstill you say companies will never use lighteningthousands are using it already thoughCoingate I believe and many processors / also multi billion dollar entertainment companies like Endeavour who were behind the LTC UFC hook upthey have many more things in the pipeline

    We’ll see what happenspresumably these companies have lawyers involved to cover any potential legal pitfalls.

  21. +Work With Nature It’s technically impossible for LN to scale. But that’s almost missing the ponitLN isn’t even MEANT to scale, if everyone could join for free how would the corporations who set it up recoup the millions of dollars of investment?? The DESIGN of it is that it’s difficult to get connectivity without paying. The design isn’t all this complicated stuff where they promise to make a routing algorithm that isn’t even possible, that’s a patter to distract you, the actual design is just that you have to pay a central party to connect, it’s a simple bait-and-switch.

  22. +mungojelly Not an if but when and all the new users that think they were getting fast and cheap P2P transactions , will head over to an Alt or worse leave the space and stick with Fiat.

  23. +H P No need to switch to an alt, everyone can just come back to the original Bitcoin, BSV. Lately we’re playing with webpages and other data embedded in transactions, the metanet! Lots of autonomous creation and power, just like Bitcoin has always been. <3 Bitcoin <3

  24. +mungojelly Appreciate the invite Sir but when you have something that works like BCH, also a ton of development happening, you don’t need to switch to anything else. Just sad to see BTC like this.

  25. +H P huh what’s some development happening now on BCH? i thought it was pretty much stalled with bitmain falling apart

  26. +mungojelly I’m a simple guy that just wants sound P2P E-Cash but Badger button integration , coin mixing, tokens on BCH and of course actual merchant acceptance off the top of my head.

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