Bitcoin Ladies choose between Ripple, Litecoin and Bitcoin Cash

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Nathan aka Captain Crypto of Altcoin Buzz joins the Loyalty Live event, ran by Untraceable, in Chicago, Illinois. Here we talk to some ladies to see what they think about cryptocurrencies. We ask if they have any #Bitcoin #BTC and which one do the like most out of #Ripple #XRP, #BitcoinCash #BCH and #Litecoin #LTC. ENJOY!

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Bitcoin Ladies choose between Ripple, Litecoin and Bitcoin Cash

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  1. I’d bet the ones that said ripple only said it cause it the cheapest right now lol. LTC is the right coin.

  2. Without bitcoin there is no crypto market. However XRP could disappear tomorrow and the world wouldn’t notice.

  3. hey didn’t realize you were with altcoin buzz. i also was at loyalty live in Chicago. didn’t get chance to say hi. anyway awesome time and good video sincerely jr of exciting world cryptos

  4. You should check out Covesting! They have just received their DLT License from the Gibraltar Financial Service commission!!

  5. Ladies, if your answer is anything other than litecoin you’re buying dinner. Gresham’s law states we spend the bad money first.

  6. why don’t you ask the REAL questions?? semuyenzaniso: “choose between bitconnect and PAC coin”.

  7. Or because they have 100 partnerships and some with top 10 banks in the US? Because they want a coin that will actually
    make them money? Because XRP can send millions of dollars in 3 seconds and it takes the other coins 10-15 maminitsi? Duh?

  8. I’ll Be Frank XRP is not a crypto its a database, but last year greed pulled a lot of idiots like you in that dont understand what crypto is all about, Youre the only one that is stupid here, thinking that banks will make YOU rich, an not keep the profits for themself LIKE they ALWAYS done in the past.

  9. sorry this chicks bought 0,003 btc and say ripple is best looks for me like a paid ripple interview and is not neutral this one is really unprofessional from you to interview such loosers

  10. jonasakabuk institutional money will skyrocket XRP dont you get that? No other coin will have the liquidity of XRP who in their right mind would use a coin that takes 300 times longer to send? And it’s not just the speed of transactions look up Coil and all the other use cases for XRP

  11. jonasakabuk actually they hold less than 60% I believe and who the hell cares if it’s centralized it’s going to make holders a ton of cash.

    And sure it’s easy to make baseless accusations on the internet, keep at bro bro!

  12. jonasakabuk XRP is #3 based on the actual work it has been doing. BTC is #1 purely on the fact of first mover advantage. Ethereum will fall to XRP shortly and then XRP will crush BTC. Come back and read this comment in a year 🙂

  13. jonasakabuk it’s people like you that desperately hold on to the idea of crypto as some world saving device to free the people from corruption that are the idiots :/

    You’d be stupid to think the government and the banks are not going to take as much as they can in any investment

  14. And just so you know, if i have 2 btc wallets, running bitcoin core or exodus or simular, and send btc from one to the other, i will see it within 5 seconds on the other, and then wait 10 minutes for it to be confirmed, But you are most likely so noob that you never worked with other than exchange wallets 😀 😀 😀

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