6 USEFUL Cryptos for GamersPlay2Live, GameCredits, Refereum, Enjin, Game, and Wax

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In Vhidhiyo iyi, Kunal describes how game developers, content creators, streamers, vatambi, and content consumers will benefit from blockchain technology. He describes how a universal virtual marketplace for virtual items using cryptocurrencies is revolutionary, and how tokens can be used for any sector of the gaming ecosystem.
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6 USEFUL Cryptos for GamersPlay2Live, GameCredits, Refereum, Enjin, Game, and Wax

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  1. ENJ is better than Wax from the massive user base that is the Minecraft user pool. Talk about Cryptos that are dirt cheap right now.

  2. S1997k Doug Polk says any coin that true to include poker is useless and he’s a professional poker player with his own online poker site sooooooo

  3. ummmm, No Rake is not useless when draft kings and other companies have a rake of around 15% on players earnings. thats a big deal and difference for anyone that plays poker for a living. There are already professional poker players using the platform like Johnny chan mate, i suggest you don’t take doug polk opinion as gospel.

  4. Play 2live is available. LUC (level up coin)… Has been atleast one month in several exchanges. Really good research😂😂👍

  5. That’s fair enough, I can see an application of eliminating the middle man. I just can’t see poker on the blockchain.

  6. Nice review.. I hold some of them.. 😀
    Asura Coin is also interesting, the partnership is big in China.. U should check it out.

  7. I like the Referium platform and the way they are involving all from dev, to player/steamer, to watcher

  8. I agree with most below , ENJ is way the best of gaming coins , low mcap so nice to invest in and they have a few working products in games wow is next month online with ENJ

  9. Juho Närä Yes you’re right, and it’s also their fault for still featuring the ICO stage on their website.

  10. Andy Raman Thanks! Any suggestion for another category or subcategory? I’m looking into esports.

  11. Kunal Sharma yes esports…. Do a Playlist (save) of security(anti-virus code checkers) gaming, platforms, medical, storage, computing, privacy, energy, exchange protocols, identity, lending, IOT, social media, advertisingYou are already done with 50%

  12. Just wondering out loud but are there any horse betting crypto websites yet? A la xpressbet dot com or otb (off track betting)

  13. Bit.game is the undervalued coin partnership with elastos and Matrix ai, games in bit.game can Mine elastos,Man and BGX while playing

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