5 BILLION USDT Printed on Tron! BTC Bull Run is More Than Hype, Bitcoin Election?

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Tether accidentally printed $5 billion USDT instead of $50 miriyoni. Mattie will also talk about the bitcoin bull run as well as how Donald Trump made bitcoin a 2020 election issue. Wells Fargo is also in the news today, unfortunately not for something positive​.
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#Tether Treasury lands in troubled waters as it accidentally prints 5 billion USDT followed by a subsequent burn

Tether Treasury lands in troubled waters as it accidentally prints 5 billion USDT followed by a subsequent burn

Bitcoin Retreats While Tether Printers Churn Out More USDT

The #Bitcoin bull run is more than just hype

#DonaldTrump Just Made Bitcoin A 2020 Election Issue


Wells Fargo Won’t Allow Customers To Buy Bitcoin

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5 BILLION USDT Printed on Tron! BTC Bull Run is More Than Hype, Bitcoin Election?

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  2. So what the heck does that mean?? Thats the only thing that they have control over lol They can’t tell you what to do with your money hahaha

  3. Is Tether creating chaos on purpose to create a perception that cryptos are too unstable, and to keep the public away from it until the Globalist can create a coin with greater appeal to market to the ignorant masses?

  4. i literally bought bitcoin on coinbase a week ago and have wells fargo. I am also looking for a more Crypto friendly bank

  5. As a Canadian I was reluctant to deal with foreign exchanges. saka, I waited until Quadrigacx came into being. That exchange was great until the banks messed them around and then the owner of Quadrigacx died with all the accounts access. Now I am using NDAX exchange that is fintech approved and have had no problems so far with Canadian banks. Quadrigacx had to use a German bank and was slow on removal of fiat from acct. All central banks and national banks are looking at future control of crypto with a centralized under there control version. Viva personalized control of your own asset/ life with a true global democracy. Thks for the great video as always.

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