5 Altcoins I am Looking to Buy as Cryptocurrency Price Appears Low IMO

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Here is a look at some of the altcoins I am looking to buy at these prices. those coins and tokens include, NANO, Icon, WAX TOKEN, VECHAIN and Binance Coin.

5 Altcoins I am Looking to Buy as Cryptocurrency Price Appears Low IMO

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  1. Nice video, but the title really annoyed me (Maybe I have problems). This would sound better IMO”5 Altcoins I am Looking to Buy while Cryptocurrency Prices are Low”.
    EDIT: Now Jeff is trolling me 🙂

  2. Hey everyone, please do bare in mind the bear is still lingering. These are some altcoins that I like even at these prices, but especially if the market dips. As mentioned in the video, I stated that we may still have a few more months ahead of us before we see any signifigant rise. Please always do your own research and take calculated risks. Never follow anyone blindly. – Jeff

  3. Nano isn’t just low fee, it’s literally feeless and ridiculously fast, also vechain will soon generate thor which is a whole other beast in itself. Nano and vechain will have a very successful year. As always great vid and info Jeff 👍

  4. For research, I discovered coincheckup.com . It’s better than coinmarketcap. It has ratings, analysis, coin pages full of info, nezvimwewo. I haven’t heard you mention it. Check it out if you haven’t yet. The AA should know about this tool.

  5. The market will correct on the 14th. I️ get my bonus on the 15th and the earth will not let me get all that money in the market before the rocket takes off lol

  6. I have bought that token. Similar to Salt, and Salt have given good profits to me.

  7. Александр Констант Yeah this coin will hit $1- $3 panozopera 2018. It has an actual working product too. Lend was heading for a $1 when it hit binance but then the crash happened.

  8. I’m in on this one as well. I have had multiple buy ins and sitting at an average price of .14. Down for now, but hell what can you expect with the last few weeks.

  9. Oh yes, the last weeks were crazy, but we are in the Wild West. TO get huge profits means to suffer tough corrections (or crashes )

  10. Hot cryрto-gamе starts; It is similаr tо сryptокittiеs, оnly much mоrе interеstinglу and more functionallу. regisТеr, beсоme Тhe first оwner 0f the monster https://is.gd/newiona First mоnstеr frее of chаrgе. Еarn a l0t of ЕTН

  11. Hello J,
    just a quick question, if you had $100 would you invest it in bitcoin gold or icon?
    thanks dude.

  12. briantsama2 most underrated project atmlow market cap, low circulating supply, Pos, platform and most importantly superstar devs that deliver AHEAD of roadmap. I can see 100x potential easily by the end of the year

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