4 Cryptocurrency Altcoins To Watch in February 2018 Part 2

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Here is a list of 4 more altcoins that I feel as though are undervalued at the moment. This list includes UTrust, DeepBrain Chain, AChain and Theta Token. As Cryptocurrency these coins and tokens do have a what I consider to be strong teams, solid tech, excellent visions. Share your thoughts on these projects in the comments below. As always this is not professional financial advice, and please do additional research on these projects if you choose to get involved.

4 Cryptocurrency Altcoins To Watch in February 2018 Part 2

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  1. UTRUST is a sleeping giant no doubt, you are missing RaiBlocks getting listed on Binance

  2. Two ways of looking at the current state of the market

    1. It’s not going anywhere right now
    2. Extended buying opportunity

  3. Yep, people are wary to put money in. Too much fake negative news and market manipulation going on.

  4. I advised about THETA a week ago on altcoin Buzz Tweeter. Most important Flashpoint missed by Jeff is that Youtube & Twitch Co founders are the advisers of this project.

  5. Trevon James is now shilling Lendconnect. Can you believe this guy. This guy has no shame. This lend connect just started like a week ago. Pretty much the same protocol as bitconnect. We need to be watchmen and not let this kind of crap continue again. I discovered lendconnect by just going through the big gainers of the day and there they were up 78% nhasi. UNBELIEVABLE!

  6. How about a block chain to police scum bags like trevon to filter him out and return all referrals he gathered throughout?

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