2018 AltCoin Bull Run Will Take Cryptocurrency Mainstream

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You Call 2017 A Bull Run? Cryptocurrency Is Just Getting Started in 2018!

HODL on for one wild ride #AltCoinArmy

With a total market cap of just over $750B currently, all of cryptocurrency combined still doesn't even equal the market capital of JUST Google on NASDAQ. Let that sink in the next time you think it just can't go any higher!

2018 AltCoin Bull Run Will Take Cryptocurrency Mainstream

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  1. Just got into crypto 3 weeks ago, been watching your videos nonstop, using your tips! I’ve been on the upside no problem!!!

  2. Altcoin Buzz can’t believe I saw your name and fanboyed out just a little bit haha. What has crypto done to me!

  3. After seeing Cardano hit $1.25 and Ripple becoming a Tripple at over $3.00. Im going to risk a portion of my Bitcoin into Tron. If it goes I stand to have much better profits. Now just waiting on that long wait it takes for BTC to send, oh man ha.

  4. Verge has taken a lot of bashing in the last couple of weeks. I’m very strong on it climbing up from 0.14 for me now is the new bottom. Mufaro

  5. I hope so, I have a bunch that I was going to swap to tron when it was around $.16 and tron was at $.04. But then it kept dropping and tron kept increasing and it didn’t make sense to do the trade when they were going in opposite directions (trading a low for an all time high), so now I play the waiting game.

  6. Pick undervalued coins, invest and hold for a year minimumnot weeks. If it goes down buy more. Very simple. Whether Cardano or NEM, both will have its growth driven by steady stream of positive announcements (Cardano about progress with its research and development, NEM with new ICOs and huge partnerships). Also consider Tronlots of hype but the experienced team will deliver. I invested all 3 when it was just couple of cents. zvose 3 have huge potential. Importantly, even in case of market crash these projects wont go anywhere.. very solid investment.

  7. Watch what happens when people get their tax returns. We might see a bull run never seen before.

  8. I know, rudyi? I look at my crypto portfolio and every single day lately it’s been growing by thousands upon thousand of dollars. Like _every_ day. If this keeps up until the end of the year, I should be able to retire soon. (Unless I screw up in my approach, I guess).

  9. Been preaching ab it since I bought in sucks for me bc I was planning on doubling my investment right before it went to 10 cent

  10. I can’t believe what I’m seeing with the numbers on the market. It’s beautiful.

  11. That’s awesome! Nice trading 🙂 What do you trust the most to hold your alts? Paper wallets?? I want to use them to store the majority of my assets but I can’t figure out how to check if the test transactions go through or not, at least for the alt coins.

  12. I have way too many different types of coins and trade many of them too frequently to be able to move them off the exchanges. I guess I know Ishouldat some point but none of my coins are actuallypermanent” akabata. If the price of any of them happens to go up like 20x or 30x, I’m just going to have to sell a portion and put the gains into new coins. There might not be time to move them back to the exchange if I took them off. I know there’s a risk in all this but it’s the nature of crypto at the moment.

  13. Don’t forget the new IRS regulations on crypto trades (gains/losses) nokuti 2018. I’m sure your’re on top of it but I know a lot of people who are just blowing it off. Apparently they’ve never dealt with the IRS. IRS AKA Guilty until you prove yourself innocent. Best of gains for Y2018.

  14. I can’t buy anymore until tomorrow, and I see everything going up. Bittersweeet day.

  15. Keensense PT I was going to do the same but didn’t. Remember verge has a lower amount of coins than tron so has more room to grow. #invergewetrust

  16. had 18k of TRX that I got at .03 sold 8k at .29 tonight. Waiting for a dip to .21 and back in.

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