10,000 Bitcoin makambani Get IRS Mail For kusabhadhara mitero

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The IRS has tracked bitcoin tax evaders since 2015 and they have now begun sending letters to virtual currency owners advising them to pay back taxes and file amended returns. Apparently​, Coinbase is helping the IRS by providing them with information. Mattie will also talk about 3 reasons why Trump talking about bitcoin is a good thing.
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Survey Sheds Light on the Market of Potential Bitcoin Investors


U.S. Tax Collector Is After Thousands of Bitcoin Holders


#irs has begun sending letters to virtual currency owners advising them to pay back taxes, file amended returns; part of agency's larger efforts

The IRS Has Tracked Bitcoin Tax Evaders Since 2015

Trump great for bitcoin


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10,000 Bitcoin makambani Get IRS Mail For kusabhadhara mitero

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  1. I got money back for my losses last year and I have cointracker watching my account. So hopefully I am good. I don’t have much money in my account has others do. But it something.

  2. I’ll bet Jamie Dimon and Warren Buffett won’t get that letter !!! And don’t tell me it’s because they’re NOT Invested in it !!!!!

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  4. I am very excited I am seeing this post today, at least I can finally talk to somebody to guide me because my trading experience is very small

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  9. ditto, I wrote off some losses last year and at the rate we are going I will be doing the same this year too 😛 Coin Tracking for the most part is a life saver..

  10. YEah wth, what about those who bought at the end of 2017 at ATHs, and held thru the bear market? who lost 90% on alts, what money do they want from us? lol

  11. LOl, I did my taxes last year…. But oddly I really would like to get a letter to frame and hang on my wall.

  12. Horrible timing if they want people to pay taxes now. Early 2018 would have been the best time to pay taxes since the big whales were taking profits.

  13. Depends on when you bought. pari zvino, any transaction is taxable. If you hold your BTC longer than a year and then sell, you claim long term capital gains which are taxed less. If you buy and sell within the same year it is short term gains.

  14. The taxation out of hand. How could we allow regulators to have their way with us, extorting people of their wealth?

  15. It’s my understanding if you never sold Bitcoin you don’t have to pay taxes. How could they tax you if all you do is buy

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