10 Skycoin Facts! The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

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Skycoin is a very popular cryptocurrency among our community. nhasi, Mattie looks into Skycoin and he explains the basics about the project as well as Skycoin's latest progress.
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Crypto & Kidnap Live Steam with Skycoin CEO Synth at 5pm BST / 6pm CEST


Skycoin Freezes Funds After Staff ‘Take CEO HostageAnd Steal 18 BTC


Skycoin Employees Kidnap CEO, Steal His Life Savings kubva CryptoCurrency


Skycoin Employees Kidnap CEO, Steal His Life Savings

Skycoin Distribution

Can anyone explain the range, speed, and receivers of SKYWire? kubva skycoin



Can anyone explain the range, speed, and receivers of SKYWire? kubva skycoin









Crypto – Skycoin

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10 Skycoin Facts! The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

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  1. Skycoin Price – 2:10
    Skycoin Team – 2:43
    Skycoin Obelisk Consensus Mechanism – 3:30
    Forbes and HuffPost mention Skycoin – 3:58
    Skycoin CEO Kidnapped? – 4:28
    Skycoin Distribution – 5:23
    SkyWire – 6:08
    SkyMiner – 7:27
    SkyWallet – 7:41
    SkyFiber – 7:58
    SkyFUD – 8:21
    Skycoin Criticism – 8:46

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  2. great video when i first started crypto sky waqs at a few cents didnt buy then it shot strait up to 20 bucks,ive been watching threw this bear markets its hardly moved to the down size ,seth hes crazy but a genius,,that stuff that happend theres a an ama with him about that situation on the being kidnapped thanks altcoin buzz..

  3. Nice one Altcoin Buzz! I would have wanted that you dived more in the DIY aspect of the Skycoin project but I guess that can come in a later video!

  4. Nice high level review to scratch the surface. You should do a deeper dive in the future taking about their revolutionary new consensus algorithm Obelisk and their original programming language CX, both due to launch this year.

  5. I love too much Obelisk 😍, the no-sens destroyer

    The development of #Obelisk is the keystone moment that solves the biggest issues in cryptocurrency adoption today: speed, scale, and safety. In the coming years Obelisk will take us from the current crypto reality of slow transactions and high fees to the crypto future where blockchains are used all throughout daily life. #Skycoin powered by Obelisk makes possible crypto payments that clear faster than credit card payments with a network that’s immune to 51% attacks….. 🐋 🐬 🐳 🐙

  6. Hey, great little snapshot into the eco-system. Glad you liked looking into the project 😄
    Just one point I’d like to correct you on: Skycoin doesn’t use side-chains, each project gets their own fully independent and customizable blockchain.

  7. Very nice, thanks for the time taken guys. Synth is an absolute psychological unit and it’s not long until this coin’s marketing finesse catches up to it’s monumental developmental brawn.

  8. You could cover some coins with high potential under 1M$ market cap too ? Like Rate3, Please tell us what you think about it for example, it’s a security Platform, tokenizing businesses with crosschain, partnership with PAYPAL and the list of Investors is absolutely hugeand the actual market cap is only 700k$ !

  9. If we want to start a movement we need to start by accepting only cryptocurrencies at the local level when buying and selling on craigslist,offer up, or letgo.stop accepting fiat

  10. Nice review! During this bear market, Skycoin has released an Android wallet, an iOS wallet, a hardware wallet, deployed 9500 Skyminer nodes globally, launched several games on CX, published two books on CX development, hosted multiple conferences around the world, and doubled its community size. Skycoin keeps on delivering!

  11. Once people start putting Skyminer antennas on their rooftops the publicity will really take off. That’s the point at which it becomes more than just a cryptocurrency in the eyes of the public, it becomes a highly visible project with real infrastructure that people can see on their neighbour’s houses, there will be photos in the papers, coverage on the TV news etc. People will be asking their neighbourswhat’s that thing on the roof earning all the crypto money and delivering fee wi-fi!”

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