Will We See a Q4 Bitcoin Bull Run? December Rally! [Cryptocurrency Motivation]

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Why does a Bitcoin Bull Run happen happen at the end of every year? Why do we always see Q4 bull runs?

Let's talk about it!

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Will We See a Q4 Bitcoin Bull Run? December Rally! [Cryptocurrency Motivation]

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  1. Watched til end 🙂 thanks for the motivation! Strong hodlers unite and accumulate during this continued bear market

  2. Excelent video brother, saludos from argentina ! Here cripto investors are few !best for you i ll stay tune with your chanel

  3. Watched till the end. Video Great. I can see the market going down and there will be a bull run by the end of the year. I just don’t see it being as massive as last year. 2019 bull run will be huge!

  4. The problem is, the market doesn’t care about the news anymore.
    We will go bullish, I am sure, and it might even start in Q4 already, but it won’t be like 2017.
    The actual rally will be in 2019 – I hope and believe.

  5. great video again! i have been following your channel for a while now and i think there’s a lot of value in them! so keep up the good work and i hope you are right about the bull run!! soon 20k subs!!

  6. Everything is true my man
    I highly believe CRYPTO will be huge just need time
    Thats way pick up in every dip and just HODL….. if there is no bullrun this year next year will be bigger one….
    I have some feeling will be again sell off in the next few days
    Respect ….
    Video Great….

  7. Same reason networks release more tv shows in Q4General conditionsPeople are inside more!

  8. Personally I believe that the banks are manipulating the market so that people will accept regulation.
    The more people panic sell the more they will accept centralising andnormalising” cryptocurrency.

  9. +Altcoin Mazuva ese
    We are all big familyb and we need to support each other
    I respect great Youtubers like u

  10. They say don’t expect the SEC to approve the CBOE Bitcoin ETF Sept 30 so I think it will get approved.

  11. After what happened last December, I think it negatively alarmed many countries about how big crypto can be.

    My belief is that now, more than ever, some countries are doing little things to stall or disrupt crypto’s potential. They know how fragile the market is and how any scary news can worry investors and drop crypto’s value. At strategic times, I’m afraid that they’ll continually throw negative news out there. Maybe this will be enough to stop anything like what had happened last December from occurring again. What do you think?

  12. Yes I think the market is still very young and can be easily manipulated. There is nothing we can do about that. But eventually it will be manipulated up too..

  13. I still am new with crypto messed with it back in 07 made some money but cashed out before the real bull run. I had 0 idea of what it was about. I been doing a lot of research and teaching myself and if you don’t think block chain is a real world application and the crypto isn’t going to benefit from some of these projects. Well your the moon and Lambo guys. This isn’t get rich quick like some people think. This is about investing in projects that will work. Block chain is going to run the world 15 years from now and crypto is going to be big. Buy while the blood runs red…. my option but I think it’s correct. Great video as always.

  14. Any thoughts on late december/early january? Huge sell of again? Will the Chinese new year have an effect like 2018 or not, now that china has cracked down on crypto even more?
    Kind regards

  15. +Altcoin Daily the only difference was it was on an uptrend most of the year. Hoping we don’t get the opposite as far as the trend

  16. Q4 = christmas
    majority of people are happy & full of spirit/confidence around this time
    (&… have paid off their EoFY debts.

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