What they WON’T TELL YOU about Facebook Libra Collapsing! 😱 Bitcoin’s most bullish sign yet

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What they WON'T TELL YOU about Facebook Libra Collapsing! 😱 Bitcoin's most bullish sign yet

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  3. Great video Elliott. Thanks again my brother. It’s Francis I just added a title to my moniker. Stay frosty brother

  4. Mr frank made winning my culture, I regretted not knowing this way of trading bitcoin a few months ago before I lost, it’s all great, I’m recovering. And I’ll never forget that good deed

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  7. I’m for both if it’s decentralised, wouldn’t it be nice to have wallets attached to facial ID with a more even distribution of wealth?

  8. Thanks Elliot. Only time will tell what kind of evolution will the world economy go through.
    The only constant thing in life is change

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