Weiss Rating: Bitcoin Will Hit All Time Highs In 2019 | Litecoin Lightning Network | Vechain

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America's only independent ratings agency believes Bitcoin will hit all-time highs in 2019!
Litecoin’s Lightning Network just hit 100 Nodes!
Vechain and H&M Trial Partnership

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Weiss Cryptocurrency Ratings

Our Crypto Forecasts for 2019 and Beyond

Our Crypto Forecasts for 2019 and Beyond

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Litecoin Lightning Network Passes 100 Nodes

Litecoin Surges Over 10% After Reaching 100 LTC Lightning Network Nodes

Bitcoin's Lightning Network, Simply Explained!

Bitcoin's Lightning Network, Simply Explained!

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H&M’s Blockchain-Enabled Tag Lets Customers Track Clothing Origin

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Weiss Rating: Bitcoin Will Hit All Time Highs In 2019 | Litecoin Lightning Network | Vechain

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  1. Vechain is the reason I got into alts. I had purchased my first bit of BTC on dec03.2017, by Jan I disscovered Vechain. I firmly believe in Vechain. when I started buying VEN at $6 ea, I hoped to get 500 of them. This bear market has enabled my to accumulate 15x that amount. An awesome low cap alt is TRAC. They have implemented GS1 global standards and they are blockchain agnostic. As far as coinbase goes, I started buying USDC because you can get it with no fees. Plus they mark up the price of the coins you buy in addition to the fees. So I buy usdc from coinbase and send to binance where I buy whatever it is I am in the market for with no fees or markups

  2. +Rob why do you say that? Which stable coin do you prefer? What downside do you see by purchasing usdc and using it to immediately buy on another exchange?

  3. If the market replicates 2014, which is just about spot on, Bitcoin 2019 high will be approximately $5000 during this first quarter then and long consolidation period into 2020. I’ve gotten this info from a respected trader which he broken down and compared the charts to support this data. Its not written in stone yet its definately on track.

  4. Bro what do you think about Electroneum (etn), they are aiming for mass adoption. They already have 2.75 miriyoni vanozvishandisa, they are the first crypto to enable KYC and they will have cloudmining soon.

  5. I’m not into them. I think they have a lot to prove. Who is accepting ETN as payment? Not a lot of people. I’m rooting for thembut I am not putting money on it.

  6. Verge may not be a scam per se but it is 100% trash and worthless. Way better privacy coins available.

  7. Trueat the very least it is a money grab and practice shady business practices.

  8. There are many vendors from around the globe who are accepting ETN as payment, ETN launched their instant payment API, its really easy to plug this API in your pay system. But what i like the most of Electroneum, they have worked the whole year to make the ecosystem ready for big user numbers. The have made partnerships and deals with mobile operators and their aim is to get people in to crypto who don’t participate in this world economy (the unbanked). Just keep an eye on them you will be surprised at what they already have accomplished. The etn community is also great and very loyal. Thanks for reading my message and keep doing your thing, we need people like you to get people in to crypto.

  9. Bitcoin will NOT hit ATHs in 2019 and probably not even 2020. 2021 will be the year. bitcoin will be no more than 7 – 10k by end of 2019. we are in for a long consolidation period. Anyone that thinks we are mooning in the next 12 months is dreaming.

  10. what i think about etn ?? as an ico investor i feel screwed every time again.first the hacker one and frozen wallets while everbody took the big profits,and we ico investers had zero!!!than they promised to be listed on much exchanges but that never happend, but they told the people they will.they make a roadmap that they dont follow.the mobile miner is not even real, it took them 6months to create a app that is made within in 2hours.its an airdrop nothing more.Electroneum force you to provide personal information to third party companies in order to raise the limits, but you still have limit on transactions, so what’s the point of creating Electroneum if you can simply open a bank account, when all banks have e-banking and can manage funds with even better service even.so no i stepped out glad i did, my invest in etn doubled x4 already my money in other coins

  11. +TheElderScrollsKing Never breaking a new ATH again is just as bad if not worse than a perma bull. Anyone who understands market cycles and TA like you said looks at the chart and knows damn well we have NO support at all. Bitcoin is not done moving down. zvisinei, to say that it will forever be depressed is pretty ludicrous.

  12. +Marian voicu I tend to disagree with Tron now even tho it started off Rocky. They’ve hit every goal and actually made great progress verge on the other hand hell no lol.

  13. +sh0cktim3 There are more red flags with Vechain than a Chinese military parade. If you chose to ignore them so be it. It’s your money to lose pal. Not one single piece of significant software used worldwide has ever come from China. That isn’t changing because blockchain came along. China has discovered an easy formula to extract the wealth of dumb western investors with pretend partnerships, hyped up promises of nothing and paying the right people and exchanges to pump their garbage. ALL of them, including Vechain will goto zero. Vechain is pretty much exclusively Chinese developers.

  14. I’ve done my research. I know whats up. Im ready to lose it all. Just money. Tinotenda kuti tinzwe

  15. For going straight to another exchange and buying coins you want and not paying Coinbase’s fees and shameless rip-off prices, I think this is an excellent idea. Thanks Francis!

  16. Thank you for your service good sir, keeping the crypto safe and fighting overseas for us traders

  17. Anyone who thinks they can predict Bitcoin prices in the current economic temperature is dreaming.

  18. +Altcoin Mazuva ese
    bear trap
    Bitcoin has proven its uselessness.
    There will be no recovery, unless they suck in another wave of suckers to hodl the bags. New highs not anytime soon.

  19. The only reason bitcoin is till alive is because of the underground black market and the huge bag hodlers that are using their profits to keep the spin going. Its only going down and will be replaced. Stay awake.

  20. I mean these guys (Weiss)are ratings experts and saying it completely possible. But sure thing guy on internet.

  21. Sam wilson I cant stand it after everything that just happened in 2018, u have the nerve to make statements with such surety it absolutely asinine

  22. +holzfasss it is very rare that FA ever influenced the price of BTC. Bakkt and ETF news are the only ones. The bull run in 2017 has started not because of FA but because there was a confluence of the EMA’s in the Charts. FA it mainly the food for the stupid mass. majority will feed minority . not vice versa

  23. +Edweezi no no a new ATH is very possible. I just want to destroy the happy dreams of perma bulls ideology . we have to adapt to the situation

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