The Bullish Case For Bitcoin. We May Never See Sub 9k Again… DO NOT WAIT!

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Bitcoin is in a bull market. I am not waiting for a dip. We have spent a lot of time in this range. Check out Murad’s thoughts. #bullishwithmurad.

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Murad Mahmudov: The Ultimate Bitcoin Argument (Off the Chain with Anthony Pompliano)

Murad Mahmudov: The Ultimate Bitcoin Argument (Off the Chain with Anthony Pompliano)

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The Bullish Case For Bitcoin. We May Never See Sub 9k Again… DO NOT WAIT!

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  1. Murad influenced by Tyler Jenks back then thats why he was thinking BTC will go down to 2K. I think we should look at past market cycles of Bitcoin, Silver and Gold to predict market

  2. Based on halving I believe we will go down a bit. Halving becomes less powerful overtime but bitcoin is still highly driven by halving. So ill wait till around 2 months before or a price drop of around 6/8k, then ill start buying again. Thanks for all the good information that you spread 🙂

  3. People adoption and use are the primary handicap for BTC right now. Everybody says BTC is a currency but nobody say how to handle monetary policy in BTC terms.

  4. its a fair point we could go up. Honestly though the rsi just flipped on the weekly, stochastic too. I see the current weekly trend needing to go red, even if just for a week. it needs to bounce off the 7000 kana 6000. in a contrarian view, it might still head up, but i’m hedged

  5. The BTC chart is surely bullish. And historycal data also corroborate this view. However with big players coming in it History may not repeat itself; it is possible that an unexpected reverse move may take place any time. May or may not. We will know it only after it happens and only if ti does. saka: be bullish but be very careful. Even your tiny little wallet is honey for big sharks.

  6. Well
    It really doesn’t matter to me.
    The point here is that bitcoin is going to ATH again in the near future.
    Who cares if you bought it at 6k or 10k once it goes to 1M….
    ndoreva, is there a real difference?
    Only difference it’s what you actually can afford

  7. @Altcoin Daily you should check price predictions and claims of popular youtubers on 2017 2018.. funny content

  8. Dollar cost is the best investment so far for Crypto….
    Up or down future is very bright u need to be BLIND to dont see that
    Thank u for your videos

  9. @Craig Neeve I remember but that was a result of a BEAR Market. I believe the same will happen but in a Bull Market, it will do the opposite. Only time will tell for sure.

  10. 10K might be the new 6K, but we all know what happened to the so called unbreakable 6K bottom……… prices in the range from 5K all the way down to 2K are still very possible

  11. Just read the comments again. People still in disbelief and are convinced we are going down again. The Disbelief Phase

  12. BTC is already dumping HARD along with everything else and the bear market is here to stay for another couple of months unless BAKKT actually has some effect at the end of next month which it could, but I’m not holding my breath. I’m convinced that IF these alleged institutional guys want in they want dirt cheap BTC to load up before the halvening.

    I strongly believe BTC will have new ATH sometime before or after the halvening but whether that’s EOY or sometime in ’20 is anyones guess.

    Alts are going to continue to get bliterated through the halvening until most are lower on satoshi and usd value than they were at the nadir of the ’18 bear market (which isn’t close to over for alts unfortunately).

  13. @Altcoin Daily So true when you’re looking at the big picture of BTC. I’ll be stacking Satoshi’s no matter the price but I will always try to buy in on the dips.

  14. Message of the video still holds true as long as we stay above 9.1KBut hey this is a long game anyway. Hope you get value watching this. 👍

  15. really wish you guys would look into bsv more. i know you deem it a scam, but the tech is insanely good. Can’t hurt to dyor based on fundamentals instead of personalities.

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