SECRET DEFI GEM REVEALED! Tim Draper Backed Altcoin could make you a millionaire?

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SECRET DEFI GEM REVEALED! Tim Draper Backed Altcoin could make you a millionaire?

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Wakasikwa Sara Bauer uye Richard Abermann

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  1. When bags shilling and top tens of highly advanced technological hidden gems are back on youtube, euphoria is on the horizon

  2. I love this project. I put a little money in a week ago and may double up today. I expect a 6x between now and shortly after a CEX listing. Long-term, 20x-50x as the overall market grows.

  3. How do we report ads. I´m sick of seeing these scam ads for 3 days now. what is youtube blind. yet they ban legit crypto videos pretty quick. WTF??

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  7. I bought into Kava at around £0.60 but not enouh to be excited about, chete 135 zviratidzo. Wish I bought a lot more lol.

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  9. I agree, Quincy’s strategy is one of the best I’ve ever come across in the crypto space, it’s highly profitable and easy to implement in your daily trades

  10. I was able to attend one of his seminars last year in Texas, damn I witnessed his crypto analysis first hand! Dude is really a genius.

  11. Excellent info, I love the way spell out everything here it’s clear to me now I will surely trade more this time because I see that there’s much more profit in trading than just hodling for a long term.

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