Is Enjin Coin set to dominate gaming cryptos? Unity partnership, Minecraft Integration $ENJ

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Is Enjin Coin set to dominate gaming cryptos? Unity partnership, Minecraft Integration, uye zvakawanda! $ENJ

Ngativake kuziva iwe nezvazvo kwataita pazasi! Are you holding any $ENJ?

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Disclaimer: Izvi hazvisi zano zvemari! Uyu varaidzo uye mafungiro anotsanangura dzinoratidza. I am not a financial advisor. Ndapota chete mari chii iwe mari kuti kurasikirwa, uye tinokukurudzira kuita pachako tsvakurudzo yako usati bhizimisi.

Is Enjin Coin set to dominate gaming cryptos? Unity partnership, Minecraft Integration $ENJ

26 mashoko

  1. please send me some bit and ill buy a bunch im tied up in trx lol well here it goes 1GYacjZPGkbaboa12L4iGeTsqosK5vjo3k but no b.s i do love your videos truly do

  2. Funny how you made a video about Enjin two days after I commented you should have mentioned it on another video 😀

  3. Not a fan of Enjin. Just a heads up: ICO started today for Morpheus Network. They have signed up/partnered with BlockChain in Transport Alliance. This is the same BITA that Warren Buffett owned freight company BNSF and also FedEx are signed up to. I believe there are around 20+ major freight companies involved. So Mr Buffett is now connected with the blockchain industry. One to hold for couple of years. Other to mention is Facetertheir ICO ends very soon. A “new world order” ICO.

  4. Volki any evidence of that my friend? I’ll keep my selections to myself from now. Cheers for your post though.

  5. TimeHawkings so what you want to see on the comment section are things likegreat video” kana “I really like this channel”. Or do you not think the guy wants to get decent feedback from viewers regarding his audience and what they’re into? Noyou’ve caught me out..I’m a shill.

  6. Enjin was one of my first alt coin purchases, for sure!! I try to keep close tabs on crypto catering to addicts😉 Love me some MANA as well. Sweet video.

  7. You have great content and I like the way you present your videos. This is just my opinion, but one thing always pops into my head when I watch your videos is that I feel you should have many more subscribers than you do, and the thing I think may be holding it back is your nameFUD… yeuka, just my opinion, but the term is highly associated with negativity and may turn people away, as it did for me for quite some time before I gave you a shot. Kuti zviri kutaurwa, you content is real and informative and I do appreciate it. Thanks a bunch!

  8. their breathing economy is so bullish to me. When adoption happens,enj that is minted to items will be out of circulation does decreasing the supply and increasing the price.

  9. Thanks for the great review! Will definitely check back for many others. If I could suggest you guys put #review or something similar in the title, it’ll be easier for subscribers to find your coin-specific reviews down the line instead of browsing through the daily market updatesunless you already have playlists. Mufaro

  10. Much easier to pickup now in Aug 2018 at just below 4 cent; fortunately the self-kickers don’t get it yet; less competition. Thanks for sounding like a carnival barker. It’ll be a while before they turn it into Black Friday. We’ll be set by then.

  11. Nexty stopped trading at VNBIG, which is a Vietnam exchange, lasted 6 mwedzi, but had little acceptance on this platform

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