Is Energi (NRG) a Sleeping Giant?? Plus Where is Bitcoin Headed Next?!? [Crypto Deep Dive]

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Alright Altcoin Daily Team,

Let's talk about Bitcoin, PLUS the low cap coin called Energi (NRG)! Today we do a paid review! Watch vhidhiyo.

Check out Energi's Website and Twitter:





Additional Sources for additional info:

Website –

Whitepaper –

InfographicFor a basic overview of Energi

Medium Article: What is Energi? –



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**Paid Review. All opinions expressed are my own.

***Not financial Advice. Just Opinion. Do your own research.

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Is Energi (NRG) a Sleeping Giant?? Plus Where is Bitcoin Headed Next?!? [Crypto Deep Dive]

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  1. I got my Energi masternode set upit’s very profitable and pays 54 NRG Coins every dayJust info for those who are interested how much you can earn with Energi masternode. Thanks for video man!

  2. My favourite Covesting, Spectre and Utrust, top hardworking transparent teams, great CEOs, good projectsplatforms coming soon

  3. Interesting project. Two project just off the top are really pumping out code and will be stiff competition. ADA and ZIL. Ehe, Charlie Hodskinson is my favorite cryptic luminary

  4. +Altcoin Daily And here is one more coin where I recently invested low cap for low priceif this would be of interest to you for review 🙂

  5. Great take on Energi man. Stuff like this is why I keep coming here. As you probably know by now I’m more a TA guy with a very limited horizon for the most part, but your channel helps me try to take in the FA point if view too.

    I’ll have to check out this Energi coin. Take care.

  6. I have been using Abra for all my trade because of the ease of use. How can I go about buying coins like NRG, and TokenPay? Can you do a video on this. Ndatenda.

  7. NRG looks promising. I actually signed up for a free airdrop couple months back and they sent me 100 NRG! Currently worth $140! Cool!

  8. Lets wait and see. I would not recommend to invest right now. Prices seem to be over extended. If they continue to deliver, I’ll reconsider.
    Thank you for the vid!

  9. I must say, have been watching loads of your videos recently, and it is becoming my favorite channel. So informative, thank you for using your time to upload consistently 🙂

  10. The coin is currently in hype status. I would wait and monitor closely. It looks promising long term but too early to say.

  11. Altcoin Daily XRP is the future crypto in my opinion that will make a lot of investors rich only time will tell

  12. NRG is scary how huge it will be, daily transactions , designed to be come smart contracts platform . Wow this is huge. 40% treasury is what sold me . Being a fork of dash is a huge plus . Masternodes are incredible with ROI 200% .
    40% to MN this is a mass adoption project .

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