Is Bitmain Antminer X3 a scam? New ASIC Miner promising 700% returns

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Bitmain's new Antminer X3 had us feeling some type of curious.

Ngativake kuziva iwe nezvazvo kwataita pazasi! Do you agree that this miner looks too good to be true?

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Is Bitmain Antminer X3 a scam? New ASIC Miner promising 700% returns

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  1. you know we were already filming an update about CV as we wanted people to focus on partnerships and progress, we just thought it was too flimsy of news given how hard the market is falling. Thanks again for commenting and giving us some great tips. We will check out Quantstamp’s new progress!

  2. FUD TV hahah man i love the fact u update alot with the way the market changes alot love that u report things & are like ian balina i cant stand him especially what he did to TEL. Love ur content man

  3. thank you SO MUCH! for real we love being a part of the community and getting to interact with other crypto lovers. We also created this channel because there were literally ZERO good news sources in crypto. Just wait, we have so much in store for you that goes far beyond this youtube channel.

  4. Bitmain is such a scam these days. It was only good from July-Dec 2017. They sell you a product in USD but only take BCH. Then of course you have to pay shipping $140-$160ea + import tax $60-80ea and then wait months for the pre-order product and the market drops like crazy, then just before they ship you your pre-order they come out with the same item but cheaper on their site than what you can ever sell it for, screwing over all the Pre-orderers. To make up for it, they give you a discount code to buy more of their product F##@$ Bitmain.

  5. That’s nothingHere I had to pay about 25% additional from shipping and handling + price on bitmain page.

  6. Don’t buy from Bitmain as they are just rippoff artists. Bitmain has been mining Monero using the X3’s since 2017 and now decided to sell these used units for profit. But the story does not end there, Monero decided to do an emergency hard fork to prevent ASIC mining. BUY GPU’s

  7. The price of Bitmain X3 Antminer is now $1900 and still dropping. Thanks for the video!

  8. The ndechokuti, who guaranties that they will not produce programable ASICS, wich can be adapted with a simple firmware update, to the changes of ASIC resistance algorithm. To fight this, the coins must change the open source code policy of their blockchains. At list the ones that do have open source algorithms.

  9. The best Coin to mine with the Antminer X3 is the X12Coin!
    Please use to mine X13Coins.

    Best regard

  10. The best Coin to mine with the Antminer X3 is the X12Coin!
    Please use to mine X12Coins.

    You can sell the Coins on

    Best regard

  11. I love the Etherium how they manage to hard fork their algo, disalllowing ASIC miners, this ASIC causes the coins the lower its value.

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