Is Bitcoin a Better Investment than PayPal?? Is it too late to invest in Bitcoin??

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Bitcoin (BTC) Transaction Value Passes PayPal at $1.3 Trillion

Bitcoin (BTC) Transaction Value Passes PayPal at $1.3 Trillion

10 Reasons Why Bitcoin is Better than PayPal

Mark Zuckerberg’s Sister Signs on to Serve on Huobi Chain Advisory Committee

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Is Bitcoin a Better Investment than PayPal?? Is it too late to invest in Bitcoin??

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  1. Секрет процветания не сложный! Есть правило: купить Токены Telegram и хранить их до 2020 года. Ваши инвестиции возрастут в 100 раз! Это очень перспективный проект! Телеграмма-наше будущее!

  2. I don’t like the fact that Facebook is trying to be relevant in the crypto space. Boycott them and shut em down

  3. Относительно жетона ЗИЛЛИКА. В видео они рассказали несколько слов об этом)) это очень перспективная монета. В этом году он должен хорошо расти, успеть принять участие в их полете на / зиллика

  4. If you haven’t already watch the interview they had on CNBC with PayPal CEO to talk about Bitcoin. Clearly shows he is scared that it will run him out of business.

  5. Isn’t the volume of crypto more because you are buying a currency as supposed to just sending/receiving currency like PayPal?

  6. For those use enough paypal, i wouldn’t even think about it by miles
    You are funny about invest paypal
    Paypal had taken people millions of $

  7. If you send your Bitcoin to a dishonest merchant or consumer, you’re not going to get your bitcoin back, it’s their. With Paypall you can as long as you dont send it as relative or family members.

  8. Atlcoint daily, “not sureanswer is not a good argument to say bitcoin is better than paypall. Bitcoin has a long way for adoption. I am also invested in Bitcoin and Altcoins. You say people are dumb for using paypall, that’s where I disagree with you. I like your channel but not this video.

  9. Why buy PayPal when you can buy Square? Square has much higher growth rate. Look at its two year performance. Symbol SQ

  10. +Ken Semotiuk interesting. I believe blockchain and cryptocurrency are here to stay. The tech will improve the way we live. Maybe that’s just me tho.

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