Is AirSwap AST the Binance Killer? AST hires CryptoBobby, meets with Citi Bank!

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The AST token could power the future of decentralized exchange (DEX). Is AirSwap the future of crypto exchange? AST adds CryptoBobby to team, Meets with Citi Bank!

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Is AirSwap AST the Binance Killer? AST hires CryptoBobby, meets with Citi Bank!

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  1. i think it’s just suffering from the confusion over the SEC regulations. I’m 86% down on my AST atm, which is gutting but i expect it to come back one day. I do prefer ZRX and KNC overall

  2. I really like your summation of this project. Plus I think eventually the average trader will have no choice but to use decentralized exchanges if the regulation become strict. Thats just my opinion.

  3. FUD, I did enjoy the video, but is important to go over the utility of the token. Does it pay incentives.

  4. My Ethereum Walletcan hold many different tokens and has proven over time to be very secure. Some coins can also be stored on paper wallets which is the safest way to store coins for long term holding. The Ledger Nano S is a hardware wallet that supports many alt coins. Hope this helps!

  5. So many possible DEX applications and protocols such as AST, POLY, KNC, BTS, dhata, LA, 0x, LRC, ZRX and more. very challenging.

  6. This is like Local Coin Swap ico, peer to peer, the only difference is they will give you passive income.

  7. No worries. Just a small correction to what I said above it’s”. If you have questions on any specific coins I’ll try to help you out.

  8. There are alot of DEXs coming out this year.. but Airswap is the only one with peer to peer index.

  9. I think ETH has a great track record for having so many projects on it and only having one major hack, which led to the fork and all transactions were reversed

  10. This is the most undervalued coin, with a great team, Iam all in at this price. Michael and Don are smart people with experience and I think they have huge way to go.

  11. Thanks for this. Good info on AST was hard to find, then I found this. Subscribed, liked: much obliged.

  12. Airswap partnering with Propellr to tokenize a 30 MIL Aprtment complex in Manhattan, is huge. It has begun….I’m in.

  13. AirSwap? I do not trust any business associated with Joseph Lubin. Joe Lubin is found out to be incompetent and dishonest, according to Forbes. Semagumo, ConsenSys is in a mess. Doesn’t sound trustworthy to me!

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