INVESTING IN QUALITY COINS! …and other thoughts

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Hey Altcoin Daily Team,
Let's get our heads in the right mindset! I know FujiCoin and MintCoin seem enticing because you can get a 10,000 nokuti $15, but you guys gotta be smart investors here. Take a look at some CoinMarketCap historical market snapshots and see how easy it is for coins to fall off. With so many sh*t coins out now and so many scams yet to come its, there is gonna be a lot of suckers out there. Don't be one of them!
Uyezve, after making a smart investment, and when the market starts taking dives like this, you can rest assured that your coin's companies are working hard making partnerships, writing code, and overall solving the problem that they intend to solve.
I like you guys. I wanna see you guys do well.

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**Just opinions. Not advice. Do your own research.

INVESTING IN QUALITY COINS! …and other thoughts

20 mashoko

  1. There is a new post that a bank accepted cryptocurrency now and people can invest in it they do btc ltc ripple ethereum and bitcoincashso guess which one is good to buy now ^^ yep you geussed right rippleeeee!! Haha imma get some of those

  2. if you are thinking 12 month investment timeframe, you sometimes need to think the opposite of everyone else, people are not thinking to buy the low penny coins anymore too risky, so these are definately the coins to buy as no one else is right now, mintcoin will get some traction from bitcoin green, should do well this year, of course mintcoin may not be around in 2022

  3. and what is the worst it could drop to? worse case you should still withdraw 2 kana 3 hundred by the end of the year, worth a punt if there are product launches due out for the coin, so not just a pump and dump

  4. im learning from my mistakes, i like your channel a lot, the june july dec jan bullrun info you gave us is very valuable

  5. Yeah truehopefully it see’s massive gains by the end of the year cause it’s quality. Then naturally it will gain partnerships and continue reaching goals on their roadmap. More people will see it’s value and the coin will ctart seeing more volume.

  6. Altcoin Daily yea well I dont want to lose either but not planning to wait for years haha ive seen some nice ico where I wanted to go in but not missing out on lol dont have a to big wallet to spend all over to alts and wait for years

  7. What u thinks of ripple, Neo, tron, etn, Genesis vision, N cash and verge? please give comments 🙂

  8. I don’t actually. I sold all of mine off. But If I were to get back in it would be at these prices

  9. I like Neo at these prices. I like Genesis Vision but wouldn’t get involved until around $15. I like verge but it will probably keep dropping/correcting. I like Tron around 2c. I like etn around 2c.

  10. Im back! thanks for your comments. Appreciate you educating the people and have them make there own decisions. Its important people in your seat properly educate the many new investors that will be getting into Crytos the next few years. Slim chance but is it possible?: What if Ripple went #1 mu 2022 from Bitcoin and now lets regulate, regulate, regulate!….The masses are so used to it, they will/would never know the difference. Bam, back to square one or at least a division in exchanges?

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