I Was WRONG About XRP: Here’s Why!

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Hey Altcoin Daily Team!!

Ehe! You are gonna like this video. Today I want to talk about XRP.


Ripple's XRP: What You NEED To Know Before Buying XRP

Ripple's XRP: What You NEED To Know Before Buying XRP

FUD Bingo

Ripple can freeze your coins

David Swartz

Ripple Directs Bitstamp to Freeze Funds of Former Co-Founder Jed McCaleb

The XRP token will not be used

Do you agree with my reasoning? Give me your thoughts?


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**NOT financial advice! Just opinion. Make your own decisions!
**NOT financial advice! Just opinion. Make your own decisions!
**NOT financial advice! Just opinion. Make your own decisions!

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I Was WRONG About XRP: Here's Why!

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  1. XRP – love it or hate it, it’s #2. You can’t fake that. Short term – (2-5yrs) this thing has more adoptive power than anything!! It’s faster, cheaper and more adaptable to modern society than
    Anything else.
    You might as well ride it, it’s going one way – vakakwira!!!!

  2. Dudes, Wassup. Its so refreshing to see someone admit that something they posted may have been correct based on the facts available at the time but due to the recent availability of more facts, what they posted was not correct. Well done for being so honest and upfront. Respect. 🙂

  3. Glad to see you posted a video to admit you were wrong, this is good for the communty and shows you are honest.

  4. saka… do you Altcoin bros changed you’re opinion on Xrp? Do you see it now as a good investment?
    (Not seeking for financial advice just curiosity)

  5. Glad you checked out the link I posted. The more you learn, the less fud can exist.

  6. ya lets of brain dead people out there.. lots of brain dead people following xrp too though

  7. Well done for researching properly. Maybe you and others will now realize why it is number 2 and could potentially take over BTC

  8. Stage1: banks use xcurrent..xrp not needed but banks have to maintain nostro vostro accounts.
    Stage2: banks use xrapid.. Xrp must be used but nostro vostro accounts eliminated.
    Note: 27 trillion dollars tied up in nostro vostro accounts world wide..dead money.
    Note: appx.70-90% savings useing xrappid = XRP.

  9. Money Bags pretty sure transactions initiated via Xcurrent can utilize XRP via multi hop feature.

  10. Flip burger boutique is a great place to eat. There’s a great steakhouse in the mall across from the Cobb convention center. They have buffalo steaks there. Can’t remember the name. I don’t live there but I go to the custom knife show there every year.

  11. I find it amazing all of theseXRP going to the MOON, $589.00″ Newbies have not looked into XRP. They are not only an embarrassment to the entire crypto community due to their lack of knowledge of the basics of crypto but sound foolish. They have absolutely no idea what they are putting their money into.. they just get caught up in the XRP YOUTUBE videos who are getting paid by Ripple to pump the coin. .. these folks truly believe 2,000 XRP will make them a millionaire..Jeb McCaleb, the creator of XRP, is dumping 499K XRP every single day for almost 8 months now, the max amount legally he is able to dump…. do you think he’d be dumping 499,,000 XRP a day if he thought it wasGoing to the MOON!”

  12. xrp is the same demon we getting outta fiat from. sheeple xrp will control ur money and good luck selling it on any exchange when it grows. hahahhah. just hold bitcoin core and hodl ppl.

  13. Happy to see the FUD busted. More people need to understand this. wo, there is alot of space for XRP and BTC to coexist

  14. Exactly, I’ve bought a shitload, and hope to see it in the $3.00 range again. If so, I’ll be real happy!

  15. Hello Eric, isn’t there a possibility to sell xrp from an account to influence the price to go low and buy from another at that lower price? He is a whale and that is what whales do…Ndatenda!

  16. Not at all , maybe i 10 cents range, it will grow in future for sureI think that now is in pump but who knows maybe xrp starts bullrun.

  17. David Connelly you are not wrong. XRP is a shitcoin and without bitcoin there is no other coin/token.

    I’ve read many many white papers and they are all repeated information and regurgitated bitcoin white papers with a little twist that makes it “revolutionary.” Smh

  18. David Connelly yeah I’m starting to see it’s a shitcoin and unfortunately I brought the lie a few months back just gotta hope it fomo’s up with a bitcoin run so I can recoup some cashwas just having a laugh with the post all the best 👍🏼

  19. Appreciate you, Wassup. Ehe, I agree. Honesty is the least we should be asking for in such an innovative space

  20. I am not invested in it. I do think there is money to be made and I see it doing very well in the next 2-3 years but at this point i would rather invest in coins that I believe in more.

  21. Indeed they could do. But that would only get them part way towards their vision. Their main goal is to allow value to move around the internet as quickly and easily as information. And for that they need a digital asset. ie XRP.

  22. +flatearth crypto banks arent going away anytime soon man. I love the idea of getting rid of them but lets face it people are extremely careless with passwords and what not. i have friends who won’t move their crypto off exchanges because they don’t even trust themselves. For most people fiat works fine. Thats why xrp is great because as an end user they will be able to send their money x boarders without the risk involved with holding holding crypto. What if banks were going to be using BTC? Would you still like it? Im curious to see how you answer.

  23. Scott P i can live off btc. we get cards to spend in fiat. i dont need a bank. banks pay me nothing and cost me money. u had to be part of the first gold rush to live this way. but if u have alot of crypto u can live off crypto. all biz have gift cards. cards.ca

  24. +flatearth crypto what about during the recent bear market? Most people can’t afford to only hold BTC and no fiat unless you got in at a way lower price. If you held money in a bank this year you would have been better off instead of holding BTC. Fiat might have been hit with slight inflation but BTC lost 75% of its value. The banks also don’t cost everyone money. I have a bank account that charges no fees, even if I overdraft I don’t get charged a fee. I supposed if you have bad credit or different spending habits maybe your situation is different.

  25. hmm might have to try out that Flip Burger place. If i dont this time tho next time for sure. Appreciate you Chris

  26. +Altcoin Daily I don’t understand why that matters? They have it all escrowed bc the biggest concern would be to have them dump on the market. They are using their stash to fund the project and aid in adoption. only a few people hodl BTC and can dump on the market whenever they want.

  27. +Altcoin Daily can I ask what you don’t like about XRP that is keeping you from investing? Is that you don’t personally like the fact they are targeting banks or you feel like the tech is lacking?

  28. +Scott P I think that their team is certainly capable. A lot more capable than many other altcoins out there. But for me personally I believe in other altcoins more.

  29. $589 XRP is beyond absurd. That will never happen unless it happens as a glitch on some exchange, like a reverse flash crash.

    Personally I can’t see XRP ever being more than a dollar or two max. The drive to almost 4 was because of the BTC run to almost 20k and the Coinbase hype euphoria. It was artificial all the way.

  30. +Altcoin Daily Ok, thank you for your honest response. In my opinion is one of the best investments for 2019. But i do invest in other coins too. Diversify!

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