HUGE Stock Market Crash Will Happen in 2018-2019? Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency Will Be A Safe Haven!

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Hey Altcoin Daily Team,

We are overdue for a huge crash/correction in the stock market. Many predict it will happen either later in 2018, 2019, kana 2020. Big money is going to be looking for a way to minimize their loss and now for the first time Bitcoin/Cryptocurreny is a viable option to retain their money's value. In this video we talk about how all of this could lead to the next bull run. Watch the video and let me know what you think.

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Not financial advice. Just opinion. Do your own research. Make your own decisions.

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HUGE Stock Market Crash Will Happen in 2018-2019? Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency Will Be A Safe Haven!

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  1. 5 stars,high quality content!!

    I was just talking about the next recession w/a friend yesterday night….told him basically that this bull market is 6 m. away from the recordso can’t last forever,also in past recessipns the federal reserve raised the interest rates too fast,and each time they did it too fast it created a recession!

    Another point that might be of interest to u and community,is the yeld curve,particularly the 3 months note rate vis a vis the 10 years bond,that indicator has forecasted all recessions since 1968 ne 100% accuracy,right now it is flatening,not too bad yet but getting there….when it gets to a warning level,recessions have happened within 12 months with 100% accuracy!!so we might have a 12 kuti 18 months window before it happens,which seems to match what some of your guests were saying

    Great video,super important subject of value!! Keep up the good quality content.

  2. Thanks for the video, I think this is wishful thinking. But since I am investing I hope your theorie becomes reality. Let the old money flow in!

  3. Keep an eye on the LIBOR rate, as the markets could potentially go into a death spiral if it reaches 5%

  4. Altcoin Daily After your vid I started researching stock market crashes around the world and in the US. This was such an educational piece that also enlightened me. Thanks zvakare

  5. Great content. Thanks for sharing the info. But people keep forgetting to factor in other aspects of crypto, things that may be keeping the public away. Chekutanga, the crypto market needs to be more stable. Sure, everyone loves when it climbs 1000%, but they panic and sell when there’s a 10% dip. Chepiri, there needs to be a simpler way for people to get in and invest. When the big guys open up their exchanges more money will flood in. uye chechitatu, there has to be a better safety net. With almost weekly hackings, people will stay away until they’re sure their money will be safe. These three things, combined with a global recession, IMHO, will build the growth we’re all waiting for. Bring it on!

  6. Love to hear what mr. Rogers thinks of crypto! Was it me or did those two guys speak lightning fast….

  7. I’ve always appreciated your crypto videosbut now that you ventured out into the traditional financial markets you may of found a new niche ! This video is absolutely critical forEveryoneI’m sharing this excellent video with all of my friends
    Great Piece

  8. Quality contend Brothers, Love how you guys are exposing me more to whats going on out here. Knowledge is power!!!

  9. It will be the pink fields all over again. As I don’t invest yet imma sit back and watch the fireworks

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