Breaking: The Fed Has Substantial PROBLEMS w/ Cryptocurrency | DO NOT IGNORE

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FED President Jay Powell on Digital Currencies and Libra in ZurichSept 6th 2019

FED President Jay Powell on Digital Currencies and Libra in ZurichSept 6th 2019

Fed Chair Says Agency Monitoring Crypto But Not Developing Its Own


Justin Sun Makes A Meal Of Rearranging $4.6 Million Buffett Lunch

Apple exec: 'We're watching cryptocurrency'

Ethereum Picks Early October for Testnet Activation of Istanbul Hard Fork

Ethereum Picks Early October for Testnet Activation of Istanbul Hard Fork

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Breaking: The Fed Has Substantial PROBLEMS w/ Cryptocurrency | DO NOT IGNORE

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  1. That is why, Charles is building CARDANO with interoperability. Don’t you understand people?

  2. ​@Altcoin Daily how do you interoperate your bitcoin to a central bank? There is no any side-chain to do that! That is why feds do not seem to find any solution to interoperate digital currencies to the central Bank. Look at Cardano, they already have a plan and foundation for central banks to easily interoperate, though the actual product is yet to be released. That is why i always followed CARDANO rather than Bitcoin, which is nothing but a store of value.

  3. Stupid bank. The pension of my father. Was lost on the account and we did not know how it lost. And we cant complain about it because they are the one in control. Thats why blockchain is great because its traceable where your money go.

  4. what happens with banks is people deposit their money and banks lend the money out
    Still pushing that one, hay? Obviously he knows that’s untrue and clearly what he’s states publicly is not the same as what he actually thinks behind closed doors. I think he/they probably have an entirely different view of Bitcoin in private too.

  5. Crypto exchanges are controlling the supply and demand to keep the current price stable as new investors are cautious due to past price volitilaty. This will only bring more investors, institutional investors to the table. Bitcoin has to prove itself as a good store of wealth.

  6. “We don’t believe its good to have a settlement currency for the public”.
    Luckily they don’t get to dictate what the public chooses.

  7. Who needs their permission or their opinion, never was the point of crypto to care what the establishment wants or needs. End the Fed.

  8. Off course they will say that.. Imagine if they say the opposite then everyone will empty the banks and everyone will be running to cryptocurrency. . Have you ever picture a situation like that.. the financial system will collapse.. What I see is banks are asking Powell to make a statement of this kind to keep people away from cryptocurrency. As always follow the money not what they say.. at the moment the are already positioning themselves.. not an average person can understand that but we do and hope you are one of those..

  9. I have heavily followed Ripple & they seem to be already getting many bank contracts & it is being said their software could replace SWIFT. I will research Cardano too

  10. Do we really this Fudsters involved, we have been doing pretty well before this. Banks also, doing you this huge favor by holding your money for 0.25% and lending your money out for 8%. Pfft!!!

  11. 😂😂😂love how you could hear how scared he sounded !! They will eat there words digital currency is here to take over!!

  12. Mychal Lopez : with the 5-6 billion people in the world we’ll have by 2030, how will people be paid or receive loans for business development etc(?) I’m not sure how crypto community answers this problem without some form of regulation

  13. Their time isn’t over yet however the sun IS setting. It will take time, at least a few decades.

  14. They say they are monitoring it and yet don’t understand some basic things, such as:
    1. Do they not understand that blockchain solved the double spend problem?
    2. Do they not know about DeFi stuff on Ethereum and companies like Blockfi that offer banking services?

  15. The fed will be shut down there will be an event to take place and they will have a bank holiday or a cyber attack they have to shut down banks over the weekend. Then you’ll have 72 hours to get your stuff together. Next term trump announced ripple as the us currency wait and see. Remember this post.

  16. LOL they are worried we will not require the bank to be middlemen, steal our money an invest it in whatever they want all over the world while ramping up debt, good ol central banks.

  17. Yeah, they can make their own money checks just by writing on a paper while cryptocurrency has no central government which makes it impossible to create money without using proper way like Proof of work or Proof of stake way.

  18. Corrupt, filthy central banker
    This MF together with his central bank
    Industry doesn’t deserve to live.
    Enslaving humanitybecause we let them.
    Opt out, starve the monster

  19. What he really means: ‘We’re going to keep fooling you peasants with this fractional Reserve System as long as you let us steal your money right from under your nose!’

  20. Lol, and what do you suggest? More regulation?!! Haha, look how That’s turning out. Trillions in debt to who? I’m ready for a new system, in which its fundamentally fair for everyone. Thank you for your reply, Zvisinei.

  21. BBButMath!”
    What will happen if they learn to count numbers?” “We need will MORE $ for Pubic Schooling…”

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