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  1. I hate banks bicoin and crypto are making people dreams come true we just need that bull run

  2. Here’s a less talked about, simple, positive: Bitcoin is fun. It’s fun to be part of the small percentage that owns BTC, an early adopter (in the grand scheme of things). It’s sort ofFOMO, but not in a monetary sense. People that I have helped buy BTC, in one way or another, saycool…..now I can say I own some Bitcoin

  3. I think we are seeing BTC/ETH as a “chibatiso” for investors, and right now, people are trading new projekt’s in the blind, hoping for the one that rockets.

  4. +IKasinoShowdown shame that coinbase doesn’t have the power to moon a coin like it used too

  5. +javierarce86 yeah i know right? Now there are so many more feature to have or exchange to be listed in becore mooning. And cmonif stellar moon that would be called intersellar .

  6. mu 2021-2022 bitcoin wil be worth 100k-400k take a screenshot of this comment and look back at it!

  7. To see where the internet was when i had my commodore 64 and modem back in 86 ..You would have to been a visionary to see how good it could have been improved in todays world . .It was ok but things were just slow,,well It didnt seem that big a deal like it is now..It requires passion to look that far ahead .But easy to see where Bitcoin and Crypto is heading .We are the first wavers ,we’re getting paid !

  8. yes lol and he will be. God has to much comedy for it not to be. Bitcoin fundamentally is SUPER bullish.

  9. Don’t fool yourself. people are going to figure out how to be middle men to this technology. Regulation is coming. I will give you an example. You transfer fiat to an exchange. You buy crypto. You must submit very sensitive documents Drivers license and in some cases copy of your passport to withdraw the money. They charge you a fee. They restrict how much you can withdraw daily. They are making more fees on the money. Although banks don’t charge you money to withdraw your fiat they are making money on your money when they lend it out.

  10. The established history for fiat is moderate at least. Gold has a history of being replaced by fiat.

  11. Bitcoin halvling dates (aprox):
    2020: 6.75 BTC
    2024: 3.375 BTC
    2028: 1.687 BTC
    2032: 0.84375 BTC
    2036: 0.4218 BTC
    2040: 0.2109 BTC
    2044: 0.1054 BTC
    2048: 0.0527 BTC
    2052: 0.02636 BTC
    2056: 0.013183 BTC
    2060: 0.0065918 BTC


  12. 3. Flexiblecan buy coffee to a car and save or invest with it… kubva $10 kuti 10 million billion zillion 😉 NO NEGATIVES!

  13. No.3 Legacy. It’s survived everything thrown at it. It’s durability will increase to high over time

  14. Why is Bitcoin valuable? It is scare, does not allow banks or governments to censor transactions, is based off of mathematics preventing any type of biased censorship, it is transparent having all transactions placed on the blockchain, prevents double spending, accepted globally, has no ties to central banks

  15. +John Wayne the end goal is to remove the necessity of exchanges altogether. Peer to peer transactions.

  16. It can turn in the future. ”one of the reason that fiat has value is because they are willing to buy bitcoin with it”.

  17. There’s a lot more than 3. Here’s my reasons:
    No 3rd party needed
    Low fees
    Fast transactions
    Easily verifiable
    Bank run proof
    Censorship resistant
    Immune to corruption
    Unforgeable Costliness
    Openly programmable
    When bitcoin is mined you can’t lie about it
    Bank account for billions who can’t get one

    There are some disadvantages but they will most likely change in the future
    Short history
    Not fungible
    Complicated to use
    Not private
    Not accepted at most stores

  18. Great info and video
    BTC and crypto is here to stay
    Example is Venezuela and some of the South America countries who is using it and is working 100 muzana…
    We are lucky this is just beginning
    Respect from Macedonia

  19. Bitcoin is valuable because people will use it without even knowing it’s being used. Same as how people dont know how the internet works or packets and etc but they know how to push Netflix button. Same will happen with bitcoin and systems that operate from its blockchain. Example of this is Abra. You buy a stock on abra, guess whatyou just used bitcoin.

  20. Speaking of the history of fiat, did you know that according to Google the average lifespan of a fiat currency throughout history has been 27 makore?

  21. That’s longer than the average cryptocurrency. The Dutch Gulden had been around for hundreds of years and then smoothly transitioned into the Euro. The oldest Cryptocurrency has been around for 10 makore.

  22. @Hubblebub Lumbubwub LMAO cheap shot but I’ll grant you your point. I wonder why you brought up a fiat with such a long lifespan, can you tell me offhand what the shortest lived fiat currency was, for balance?

  23. I brought it up because I’m Dutch. The Dollar has also been around for hundreds of years. The yen for 150 makore.

    “can you tell me offhand what the shortest lived fiat currency was, for balance?"
    Can you tell me which cryptocurrency has the smallest market cap?

    I’m not even arguing against crypto, I’m just pointing out bias. Crypto might be a good investment but it will take some time before it becomes a safe investment.

  24. @Hubblebub Lumbubwub It’s okay I just looked it up for you. The shortest lived fiat currency was Yugoslavia’s October dinar, it was around for about 3 mwedzi!

    Did you also know that the longest standing fiat currency in existence, the British pound, has lost 99.5% of its value since inception?

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