BITCOIN TO $1500? Top Bloomberg analyst reveals shocking data! [Interview]

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Mike's November Outlook Report:

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BITCOIN TO $1500? Top Bloomberg analyst reveals shocking data! [Interview]

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Wakasikwa Sara Bauer uye Richard Abermann

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  1. Ehe! I got the second like today! Gotta get the firsthaha. Awesome interview. Thanks so much Ellio, Mike, and Pineapple.

  2. His is one opinion of many who are pessimistic on BTC , there are many who are very bullish on BTC basically no one knows where BTC will go .

  3. Wow, impressive interview questions and some very interesting answers. Thanks to both of you for this. I’d love to see more like it.

  4. I recommend Mr Jacob for everyone experiencing failure or stress. You will enjoy success working with him

  5. Crypto trading almost made me ruin my savings until i read a comment about Mr Jacob, he gave me another chance to believe crypto trading again after introducing me to his masterclass

  6. lol.. the coin he would buy is Tether? he thinks the digital asset with greatest potential is stable coins? too funny, he only knows how to read charts..

  7. Really interesting upload. Ndatenda. Good to get Mike on. He should be on every month or so for snippets of information. Congrats getting a connection at Bloomberg.

  8. Back in the day when people mined gold, they came across other metals that were far more useful than gold. Yet gold continue to grow in value. So the argument of competition and forks are silly. ManyOh wait, all of the forks have proven to the inferior to Bitcoin however some have shown to have better use case currently. I truly believe that Bitcoin will prove to be a better store of value than gold.

  9. With tin foil hat on this is one of your best videos… =) Gold is so last century and the new generation will not adopt it.

  10. yes, he is bearish. Obviously he’s also very much an expert and not involved in this market or any other (as he explains). I think many people in the space struggle to findexpertopinions. There are always MANY bullish viewpoints in crypto, so I wanted to bring a diverse opinion to the table. Hope you benefitted regardless.

  11. thanks Peter. I didn’t necessarily agree with everything he said, but I appreciated his expertise and think FUD Nation would benefit from hearing his perspective. Glad you liked it!

  12. yeah he kinda just sidestepped the question, as he is not allowed to make investment recommendations.

  13. Your interview with Mike was one of the best factual, unbiased based interviews on you tube, hands down. Great job & keep ’em coming!

  14. yes and no, there needs to be a clear and prevailing Bitcoin fork for it to reach the same levels of market cap as gold. If You can use any of 100 BTC forks and they’re all of equal value, than there is a dilution. He’s not wrong, but he’s not right. I agree that bitcoin should win over time, but his point is salient regarding the need for uniqueness / scarcity of certain coins. Otherwise the supply / demand curve is thrown out of whack.

  15. Holy #%@! What an amazing, lucid, brilliant, matter of fact interview that was. It’s great to hear from someone who has been in the markets for 30+ years and uses charts and analytics that are new to many of us who are still basically new to this. Thanks for bringing this to the community.

  16. Quick thought on one issue that was brought up. The forks and thousands of alts. 1st forks are not bitcoin. 2nd alts are not bitcoin. I don’t really buy into the notion that value is destroyed with either of these. They are completely different products. The only really truly damaging thing that I have seen has been the bch narrative. It’s confusing to people and if it were to actually succeed it would completely destroy trust. If anyone can create a fork without consensus and actually overtake Bitcoin the whole project is doomed

  17. +FUD TV I do disagree on 2 of his predictions though 1 being about the 100x 1000x gains simply because we’re in a 216 billion dollar market cap compared to trillions in traditional markets and the cryptocurrency space is growing similar to the internet, it’s like a virus. Second I don’t Bitcoin going to 1,500 before the launch of Bakkt next month and I feel once they launch it will provide a form of stability in the market and prevent it from going down that low before they launch.. unless of course the SEC pushes the vaneck etc further down the year which will cause another sell off.

  18. And you are so charts guy, how can your charts/analist be accurate? mu 2014/2015 we had 5% the people in crypto then we got now. So most off your analist charst are whiped out with that in mind😂
    Try to time your run speed.
    Then let a group off 1000 people running with you.
    You think you get the same time?

    But would love to see $1k prices but its not realistic based on what you said. Everyone would buy the crap out off it.

  19. +FUD TV How is an expert when he knows nothing of the crypto market , to me hes no expert sorry to pop your balloon .

  20. exactly these moonboys dont get it….btc will never be used as a currency its too valuable to spend it….the other coins like litecoin and nano will prevail in that area.

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