BITCOIN TO $1300!? How to predict BTC bottom & make millions in bear market ETH EOS NEO

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BITCOIN TO $1300!? How to predict BTC bottom & make millions in bear market ETH EOS NEO

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  1. Ndatenda. I’ve become a fan of Krown, and watch him daily (sometimes twice) since you talked about him last month.

  2. If your gonna have krown on you must allow him to use his native tongue. Big red dildos! Big fan of both you guys!

  3. Another great video E! Thanks again for delivering useful information in a concise presentation.

  4. We love your content and now are a fan of Krown! TA is important and we must respect it! We’re waiting for capitulation patiently like a fat kid waiting for the ice cream shop to open

  5. you two! one of the biggest baddest duos out here in the land! can’t way how much i appreciate your work and content. This is something i personally love about this space we get to witness two bright minds collaborating, educating . one of you brings the Fundamental analysis and the other some of the best TA out here! thank you, thank you, thank you! hope nothing but the best things for you fellas, keep educating us like you do!

  6. Thank you both for cutting through the noise.
    13 months in Crypto and I haven’t made any money!
    But the Crypto space is fascinating and I can’t wait to see the story unfold
    With common sense and dogged persistence we will eventually all turn a profit

  7. Yeah positive outlook, talked a lot of doom and gloom here but I do want me overall message to be positive

  8. I love you content i dont get tired of saying that to you, love what you do, while many youtubers like crypto zombie comment news about 3100 was the bottom you are one of the few ones that say this things in the net so cheers , i still remmeber you calling many times a 5000 btc and no one heard you. Im all open ears now expecting the right moment to enter the market i know is a patience game but im sure is worth it. Love you elliot thanks for your videos

  9. my two favourite youtubers, thank you both for all you do. Awesome. watching Krown daily since FUD’s first interview with him, truths and laughs all the way 🙂

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