Bitcoin Short Positions Just Hit a 3 Month Low! | Stellar Huge Giveaway! Litecoin & Facebook [nhau]

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Stellar Giving Away $25 in XLM! tuma & Receive Litecoin Using Facebook Messenger! Bitcoin short positions just hit a 3-month low.

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The Number of Bitcoin Short Positions Just Hit a 3-Month Low

The Number of Bitcoin Short Positions Just Hit a 3-Month Low

Bringing Lumens to Millions

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Now Possible to Send and Receive Litecoin Using Facebook Messenger

Now Possible to Send and Receive Litecoin Using Facebook Messenger

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Bitcoin Short Positions Just Hit a 3 Month Low! | Stellar Huge Giveaway! Litecoin & Facebook [nhau]

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  1. Congratulations on a excellent channel and thank you for sharing your knowledge with us!! I felt so inspired with all your videos I watched that I devided to start a channel of my own. Ramba wakadaro rakanaka!

  2. I like your videos on the fundamental aspects of the space. Your reading of the shorts is wrong though: what matters is the positioning in the market because if there’s more longs than shorts it means that if the price goes up, those longs will cover and that will make the resistances on the upside that much stronger.

  3. great video guys, love it! Stellar rocks. I believe stellar could take over xrp in terms of value and use cases.

  4. Great vid as alwayscan’t wait when a new bull season starts. We’ve weeded out the short hands and also the crap Boobtubers. Guys like you that have always produced quality videos will hopefully have a lot more to report on in the new growth period. Thanks for your efforts….I’ll be watching…8)

  5. Exact description of my parent. Mom with no idea about the tech but chose to buy a little BTCjust in casethe hype she heard comes to fruition. Might be a chance to explain more to her about alts if she can get some XLM free. This type of marketing is used effectivy by banks and credit card companies to increase new accounts. As always, thanks for the video!

  6. how do you see that we already passedpanic” uye “capitulationstage of that chart? if anything we are more in denialmost people still wait on the sidelines waiting to throw money at btc again,waiting for the bulls to come backi hope im wrong tho.

  7. LTC & Facebook, email exposurereally goes against the purpose of crypto currency and decentralized commerce. Maybe I’m being paranoid. Seems to me that BTC and the lightning network has been infiltrated. They are grasping to hold onto the control of information. Likely culprits are the global elite, CIA, world governments, bloodline families & central banks that removed the gold standard and print the wage slave fiat currencies of the world.

    Get as much BCH as possible and peacefully remove ourselves from their control. By the simple act of non participation within the slave system they’ve created for us under the False pretense of American dreams and fake freedom

  8. Video Great, as per usual. This is quickly becoming my favorite channel. Zvide !!! Keep up the great work guys!

  9. Crap, just dumped all my XLM last nite, ahh, ~30% gain.
    kuti akati, now I’m bummed by the timing.

  10. People are taking out their short positions because

    1. Mbudzi – January has always been a bullish quarter.

    2. Bakkt is going to be launched December.

    I can say this the bulls are going to come mid to end of November.

  11. You’re one of a few who still keeps crypto channel up during bear markets. Listening to you give me hope for crypto future. Ndatenda

  12. Play a 8-10% gain, then dump & tsvaka 4 something else.
    I’m playing a few Alts & looking 4 short term upper single digit gains, then out.+Tuberworks Jones

  13. I dont have Stellar and i hate myself for it. Im elbow deep in BTC and LTC and im happy and still very confident in both. But ive got 2500€ fiat more now, ready to invest in crypto. Ill probably dive into Stellar myself now.

  14. I get it thoI don’t think many of us question thefutureof crypto — ndiko, mu 2035, anyone pulling a crumpled $5 note from their pocket to pay a coffee will be regarded as those who write checks today. The problem exists between now and then, with the smartest people in the world, their trading algos/bots, and their media fud, focused whole-heartedly on separating YOU from whatever you MAY have left after the great crash of dec 2017!

  15. Found a lot of value, always give your videos a “KANA” & already a subscriber! Ramba wakadaro rakanaka!!!! Long live Cardano ADA and Stellar Lumens XLM forever! TO THE MOON! Who’s with us?

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