Bitcoin Market Analysis Shows Break Down Imminent! Keep An On Eye On This! & Other News!

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Bitcoin Price Models Chart

Bitcoin Market-Value-to-Realized-Value (MVRV) Ratio

Bitcoin Price Hits 5-Week High With Chart Echoing 2015 Pre-Rally Pattern

Bitcoin Price Hits 5-Week High With Chart Echoing 2015 Pre-Rally Pattern

Historical data shows that about a year before the halving, the cost of Bitcoin starts to go up.

Bitcoin Block Reward Halving Countdown

Why Im Investing In Bitcoin Reddit Post

Why I’m investing in bitcoin. Not to get rich, not because I think the dollar will die, but because the dollars purchasing power is volitialy decreasing at a dangerous rate. kubva Bitcoin

BBC: Crypto-currencies gaining popularity in Kenya

Facebook’s Blockchain Hiring Spree Continues With 5 New Job Postings

Facebook’s Blockchain Hiring Spree Continues With 5 New Job Postings

Bitcoin makes an appearance in Lil Uzi Vert’s latest song “Free Uzi”

Bitcoin makes an appearance in Lil Uzi Vert’s latest song “Free Uzi” kubva CryptoCurrency


Bitcoin On-Chain Daily Transactions Spike to 15-Month High

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Bitcoin Market Analysis Shows Break Down Imminent! Keep An On Eye On This! & Other News!

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  1. I remember a mcdonalds commercial from the late 70s. A man is sitting at a table with his wife and 2 kids and saysWhere else can you feed your whole family for $5.00?”.

  2. It’s only been five weeks. The sixth green candle will not be solidified until Sunday, pa 7 PM EST👍👍

  3. i bought last dip(3200USD) with 50k, waiting for next dip i’ll buy with another 50k, if it goes lower than i expect, i’ll buy with my last 25k USDT
    My Portfolio %40BTC %10ETH %10LTC %5ZEC (%15 ICX %10 KMD %5 GRIN %5AION) , See you in my Tesla Roadster side cameras on 2021-2022, (bytheway I made 300K USD with my 10KUSD on 2017)

  4. The problem with the dollar hyperinflating seems even crazier when you think about the fact that everything is cheaper today than it was 20 makore apfuura. We pull oil out of the ground more efficiently, we refine the oil at larger refineries more efficiently and for less cost per gallon. Everything is this way. So we are paying more dollars for things that are actually going down in price because the dollar loses so much value. Think about how they made candy bars 100 years ago I think about how candy bars are made today, that’s insane.

  5. Indeed I’ve been of the opinion that the bear market bottomed out back in December.
    So volume is going down, but is that real volume or is that decrease part of the 95% of BTC trading that’s from scamy wash trading exchanges?
    As anall inhodler, I’ve been enjoying the gains since December. I’m up about 29% from the low. And because of the crash I now have more BTC than I’ve had since 2017.
    I know you suggest we take some profits and you’re probably right on the short term. I have a problem with sharing my gains with the IRS though. I’m tired of paying for bombs to be dropped on weddings in countries that I have no quarrel with. And tax evasion isn’t an option for me. At my age I wouldn’t do well if the IRS thugs threw me in prison so I won’t go down that road.
    One aspect of my life is sort of a peaceful rebellion against government BS. Every dollar you earn and every dollar you spend is taxed by one level of government or another. When you earn a dollar the IRS is there to get their cut, and when you spend a dollar the state is right there to take another 9 kana 10%. And the majority of that energy is stolen or wasted. If it were something I could get behind that would be different but it isn’t. The best way I’ve found to slow down the madness is to stop paying into it. That’s largely why I moved my lifestyle toward the frugal side. My mechanic wages bring in 4600, my spending is 1400 and my surplus is usually around 3200 mwedzi. 2k of that goes right into BTC and the remaining 1200 or so just piles up in the checking account.
    And now I’m about to take the next step. I got the ball rolling on selling my house. I’ve lived here a few years so I can take all the gains I made in the house value and bank it tax free. I can easily live on that until the time rolls around when two pensions and social security should start paying something. And during that time, over the next couple years, I expect bitcoin to go up dramatically. That will add a lot of additional options to my lifestyle. I’m out.

  6. Eli no everything costs less to produce. Technological advances and better manufacturing setups (and now less expensive labor as outsourcing takes firm grip) all make everything we know and love less costly to produce/make. If the dollar didn’t lose value, it would buy more and more every year because of this reduction in costs to produce the things dollars buy.

    Everything “seems” more expensive because it takes more dollars to obtain the thing. But production costs are going down, not up. So we are paying more for cheaper things over time.

    Most people may think things get more expensive. We both know that’s not true. The dollar is just losing value. But the dollar is losing way more value than is evident and we see this more clearly when we remember that everything actually costs less to produce. Paying more for cheaper stuff. Very disturbing. And even in the crypto space, I constantly hear people say we don’t need a max supply on our unit-of-exchange. Change isn’t better for change’s sake. Crypto can either build a better world where our value isn’t sucked out of the money we use or it can just rebuild the same world we have. It’s up to all of us. Cheers 🥂

  7. And the. ON TOP OF THAT if you factor in the things you buy that shorten your life, it just gets scary. We’re being squeezed from all sides!

  8. My favorite part of the vid is the part about the Africans using virtual currencies. I’m thinking adoption will be grassroots.

  9. +Bit Finesse so you are saying that everything is cheaper? You have to be kidding me have you seen the cost of living? It cost more from us to pay for Bill’s because factories need to raise that price because of the devalued dollar. Debt=slavery sir. Jobs do not pay you your worth and expenses are always higher then your income. Everything seems to be cheaper because we have to pay higher in taxes and pay higher in Bill’s to maintain those things for factories. If it is cheaper to make technology we shouldn’t have to pay high in Bill’s. The value of the dollar behind gold would increased. You dont get it, it wouldnt matter to companies if the value of the dollar went up if gold was still intact there would be a finite supply then the dollar would of bought more supplies for technology for companies. 1dollar equals 1 gold coin for instance, less gold is found, gold goes up in value thus the $1= 2gold coins thus $1 can buy twice the amount of supplies companies need. It wouldnt matter if it was cheaper or not because they would have alot of value replacing their cost. Then us citizens dont have to give away more in tax dollars or pay high in Bill’s because we know what the hell the dollar is valued att. If you take away the value of something then the powers that be can just print an infinite supply and they get to choose how much things are worth. They can make it cheaper for companies and expensive for labors. That is theft and slavery. You see only what the dollar is doing for companies but you arent seeing how it affects the whole economic ecosystem.

  10. That’s some solid chart analysis. I knew the next Halving was in 420 days but I didn’t realize historically that the price began to climb upwards 320-360 days before the halving. Good to know.

  11. I buy Litecoin when it’s low and sell when it goes up. LTC went from $30 kuti $60 mu wokupedzisira 3 mwedzi, doubling your fiat investment.

  12. The US economy was good between the 50s-90s because we were bombing every other country to timbuktu.

  13. I predict it will either go up or down ultimately your trading skills will determine whether you make a profit or not

  14. I completely agree with your Reddit postso the more fiat I can convert to Bitcoin with Bitcoin at 3-4000 range and fiat still with decent value the 2 currencies will continue to move in opposing directions making Bitcoin so expensive in the future I feel absolutely blessed to be purchasing this tremendous store of value here and nowwhat is hard to wrap your head around is the decline of the dollar as Bitcoin begins to risethink 2 vehicles approaching each other at 60 miles an hour equals 120 Mph on impact.

  15. John Beachy yes Bitcoin will continue to appreciate. The fiat will continue to depreciate. It will reach a reckoning eventually.

  16. +Cody Tynon Use market god indicator daily BTC/USD chart to spot buy and sell points, you will be fine next time

  17. +Random Person they ill keep printing USD all way up to 1 million usd per BTC. it takes 20 pamwe 40 years who knowswe will have bull and bear cycle few times more.. because adoption slow and new generations not ruling world economy yet. it will take alot of time

  18. Yep! 6 weekly green candles is good.

    wo, it may be that reports of fake volume for Bitcoin and crypto could be very bullish, as it means the effect of the 2019/20 Block reward halvings for Bitcoin and Łitecoin May be more significant (as a proportion of total volume) than previously thought.

  19. Appreciate your time for the great info. Very good news all around .₿₿ 200 week a great indicator 👍🏼

  20. +dave mcilwraith
    *>Hey old man river shut your mouth*
    Those who run empty channels often yap at their betters like this. You’re probably very young and not established so you’re jealous. I felt that way many years ago myself. Time will pass though. You’ll gain success. If you’re in crypto at this point you’re certain to gain a lot of success. And then you’ll have jealous people yapping at you as well. It’s always been this way.

  21. Respect for enlightening so many full of hopeium with downside potential still. Even if we make it past 4200 kana 4100 weekly 200 ema 4250 is weekly 21 ema which we struggled with in the past. Not even counting descending volume bars. The impatient always lose in the long run.

  22. +Kyle Ganse
    *>The problem is the federal reserve will continually print money to fund those wars and bombs*
    They can’t do it forever. Fiat currencies are just another tax on the people. Those who hold Bitcoin can gain some protection from their inflation, at least for our savings. Problem is every year our money is worth less so we have to try to extort a raise from our workplace to make up for it. And if we do get a raise we end up paying a greater percentage of our income to the IRS. It’s a real scam that even crypto people can’t avoid if they have a 9 kuti 5 job.

    Eventually though the scam ends. People who hold Bitcoin will be a lot safer than the sheeple when that happens. The elites are getting better at managing inflation in the west so that it constantly drains wealth but not enough to break the sheeple. Currencies are failing all over the world though, In less intelligently managed nations a lot of people are dam glad they have access to Bitcoin.

  23. With RVN pumping I am thinking about starting up my mining rig. Is now the right time to start mining crypto? (GPU)

  24. +Ryan Daly
    *>Always posts this lol*
    Got a nasty chest cold (*&^%!) so I’m stuck at home. Oh well, it gives me time to answer you.
    Hodlers tend to be pretty quiet about it so it’s easy to assume that we don’t exist. Guys who pour over the charts and spend thousands of man hours trying to make money trading (competing with the insider traders, scamy failure prone exchanges, and the whale bots) tend to be loud and active in the comments. 90% of those who try to trade end up losing enough money that they exit the market in disgust. I want those people to know that the long term buy and hold method is a good alternative to exiting the crypto space when they finally figure out that they aren’t cut out to be a day trader.

  25. +Cody Tynon That was my exact situation, something was telling me to sell out but no I thought it was just going to fluctuate a bit, that’s all 🙁 but nooo.
    Oh well not too worry still up 4x my $$ in a bear market. So I wonder what it’ll be when we are back in bull market, mu 2 yrs hopefullyhuh!

  26. I’ve been trading Cryptocurrency for just over six years now. I have noticed a sharp increase of Coins related stories which are not only complete non-sense, but also false and misleading. It is clear that a lot of effort goes into creating a very positive picture for new traders in order to trick them into opening new accounts. My goal was to become a semi-professional trader. I started like any other new trader, without knowledge and little capital. I came across dozens of ads where brokers basically promised a rags to riches story if I opened and account with them. It made no sense to me, the math didn’t add up. I wasn’t sure about that because my heart didn’t accept the offer. After my first year in bitcoin trading, I needed to decided which strategy would be best for me. I spend the next two years testing my strategy in a live account with small deposits, no more than $250. I blew a few accounts as I fine-tuned my strategy,I needed to be sure of what I’m doing before making mistakes. I had to start watching more videos on YouTube and joining any bitcoin trading online forum i come across with. There was this particular forum that got my attention because of the ideas and trading strategies they were sharing was totally amazing and I decided to pay attention to this one. There was a lot of professional investors and trustworthy traders in that forum. I made up my my mind to open a conversation with one particular person named Mauricio Pierce that I really enjoyed his lectures. He made me to fully understand what bitcoin trading is and how to control my capital while trading. I wasn’t scared to invest anymore because Mauricio Pierce got my back. He made bitcoin trading very easy for me. Incase you are wondering who this man is, Here you can have his email address if you want to discuss with him. Mauriciopierce8@gmailcom He’s very responsive and pays attention to what ever questions you have for him.

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