BIG NEWS: Amazon Just Announced a NEW Quantum Database to RIVAL Crypto | Nasdaq BULLISH on DeFi Alts

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Tech Giant Amazon Announces New Quantum Database, Touts Advantages Over Blockchain

Tech Giant Amazon Announces New Quantum Database, Touts Advantages Over Blockchain

Nasdaq adds a new index for decentralized finance ‘DeFix,’ covering Augur, MakerDAO

Nasdaq adds a new index for decentralized finance ‘DeFix,’ covering Augur, MakerDAO

Bakkt to Require $3.9K Down Payment on Bitcoin Futures Contracts

Bakkt to Require $3.9K Down Payment on Bitcoin Futures Contracts

Blockstack’s Regulated Token Offerings Raise $23 miriyoni

Blockstack’s Regulated Token Offerings Raise $23 miriyoni

Coinbase invests $2 million in DeFi protocols Compound and dYdX

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BIG NEWS: Amazon Just Announced a NEW Quantum Database to RIVAL Crypto | Nasdaq BULLISH on DeFi Alts

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  1. so its like PayPal just cheaper and faster but still under Control from other People so it s maby better than now but still much worse than decentraliced

  2. Hey 👋 what’s up ?! Love the content as usual, props 👍🏼!
    but I would like to ask a favor- would you guys at A. D. possibly do a vid or partial vid about the QTUM project? I know that last year they partnered with AMAZON WEB SERVICES aka AWS.

    It sounds slightly suspect or maybe not but still interesting at least to see what’s up with that !

    Thanks 🙏

  3. Facebook with Libra, JP Morgan with JP Morgan coin, Amazon with this.. All companies that don’t understand the essence of crypto: Decentralization. Now take your garbage and leave.

  4. I’m gonna start using Amazons “misa cheni” (or whatever they are calling it) right after I buy some Libra and China coin.

  5. @Shazbot19 They are trying to be the walmart of the world,but not only will put all the stores in small towns out of business they want to put everyone out of business! Monopolies aren’t a good thing lol!

  6. @Shazbot19 I work at an Amazon and let me tell you.. they wont be stopped. Not even a recession will stop Amazon. So dont let the Waltons suffering be the reason you dont invest in whatever Amazon does

  7. Immutableexcept for the trusted party who hosts the database. Thats a normal database.

  8. This doesn’t compete with Bitcoin, Bitcoin is decentralized. Plus if Amazon controls it, it’s not immutable, no database that is centralized is immutable.

  9. Amazon’s quantum ledger is a nothing burger. If it were so cutting edge, chando, Nasdaq, and so on wouldn’t be wasting their time with blockchain.

  10. Ian RJM : Agree. The public had to adopt in the non conventional way & test it for regulators etc. I think it was known by five eyes NSA

  11. @Lambdacode : that’s how I see it too. 👍🏻 funny enough, I’ve researched quite a bit because I like learning and I don’t even own any crypto yet 😂😂 only physical gold and silverand I’m still in the stock market etc

  12. @Annika_green well, you don’t need to go all in as some people are, differentiating is almost always a good thing. The only time it is not is when you know for a fact that one asset will make you earn a lot more than any other, but you can’t know this unless you are insider trading, which is much harder in crypto

  13. Markus Edelmann the technology behind Amazon’s Ledger Database utilizes everything that makes cryptocurrency/blockchains secureAll data written to Amazons Ledger is cryptographically verifiable. If you don’t believe that Amazons Ledger Database is impressive, then you also must not believe that ANY crypto blockchain is impressive/secure. Ehe, Amazons Ledger is CENTRALIZED, but aside from that, technologically speaking it’s just as secure as any other blockchain.

  14. Kong Ming that has absolutely nothing to do with what I was talking about. I was speaking about the security of the data written into Amazons Ledger Database, all data written into Amazons Ledger Database is cryptographically verifiable and is as secure as any data written into bitcoins blockchain being that both utilize the SHA-256 hash algorithm for verification. Obviously amazon is a centralized entity (as I stated above) but that doesn’t change the fact that the cryptographic security available on their Ledger Database is amazingly secure. I mean your bank more than likely is currently using Amazons cloud computing platform to host all of their services. Amazons Ledger Database isn’t a cryptocurrency and cryptocurrency has nothing to do with it, it is simply providing means to store data in a secure manner.

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