tumutumu 5 Cryptocurrencies in 2019 from The Altcoin Buzz Team

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Mattie takes a look at the altcoin buzz team's top 5 cryptocurrencies. The list include bitcoin, ethereum, tomochain, enjin, apollo and more exciting cryptocurrencies.
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tumutumu 5 Coins from The Altcoin Buzz Team

tumutumu 5 Coins from The Altcoin Buzz Team

tumutumu 5 Strategies in Crypto Investing Right Now

tumutumu 5 Strategies in Crypto Investing Right Now

Stellar Lumens (XLM)

Cardano (ADA)


Litecoin (LTC)

Enjin (ENJ)

Tomochain (TOMO)


Safe Exchange Coin (SAFEX)

Crypto.com MCO

galugalu (XRP)


Safe Haven (SHA)


ZChash (ZEC)


Ageus (AEG)

Self Key (KEY)

Home page

VeChain (VET)


Omisego (OMG)

tupe 'eseʻese (XMR)



Golem (GNT)

Wanchain (WAN)

Ontology (ONT)

0X (ZRX)


Phore (PHR)


Gincoin (GIN)

ai tusi mana (POWR)

E Faatosina faavae Faailoga (peʻa)



Apollo (APL)

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tumutumu 5 Cryptocurrencies in 2019 from The Altcoin Buzz Team

28 faamatalaga

  1. 2019 top percentage alt coin gainers

    1) ETNGSMA advisory board member (biggest story under the radar) with two huge announcements at Mobile World Congress 19 in Barcelona Feb 25-28
    2) TUBEBrowser Airtime extension is revolutionary and pays you to surf the internet with a complete revamp of the BitTube platform set to launch in the near future
    3) LTC – Set itself up as a true companion to BTC with itsown LN and atomic swaps coming, no other coin can do that.
    4) Eteru – Still the big daddy in the Dapp arena and not going anywhere in the near future
    5) CS – (Long shot) that WILL eventually take down all Dapp platforms due to ease of use in creating your own Dapps without needing to be a developer and has real world partnerships with the likes of IBM and giant financial institutions in the APAC region. Already proven over 1.1 million transactions per second on their pre-release platform. Mainnet launch coming by end of Q1

  2. AH! You are linked to knifeyour insulting nature proves at least that much. That’s all I needed to hear. Thanks for playing 🙂

  3. ETN Pros off the top of my head:

    1) 2.78 million active users (and growing) making it the fourth largest crypto in the entire market
    2) tumutumu 1% of all app downloads on google play with a retention rate greater than instagram (iOS Beta launches this week)
    3) Alexa traffic stats rank ETN 3rd in the USA and 4th globally out of ALL crypto
    4) Second most user engagements online out of all Crypto (Alexa Stats) where it wins every contest/poll it is included on
    5) Patent pending instant payment system with true instant payments launching this quarter
    6) Payment gateway available on all major E-commerce sites
    7) Payment API that can be setup on existing point of sale machines in 20 minute
    8) First crypto GSMA member
    9) Only crypto to be added to the GSMA advisory committee (if you don’t know what this means, you may want to look into it)
    10) First and only fully KYC/AML compliant crypto in the world allowing it to do business with real world companies

    There is a lot more than that, but I’m trying to keep this shortand yes, even MORE announcements at the GSMA in Barcelona next month. ETN is just getting started.

    It is your advice to stay away from ETN because knifeofpie and Richard had a little spat about a known original Monero block bug where knife was trying to take credit forfindingsomething that was already known and being dealt with? Deny this all you want, but I think we both know your credibility is shot at this point.
    Marketing hype? They ahven’t marketed at all in a year. Crap dev team? You do understand they have expanded a lot since you and knife got your feelings hurtthey are one of hte few cryptos expanding in this extended bear market and will not be going anywhere anytime soon with full GSMA backing.

    Hate all you want, but did you have anything else to add to support your reasoning behind staying away from ETN?

    Your turn, go.

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