NEW CHART!! 📈 This WILL Change Your Mind on Cryptocurrency | le 5 Most Important Dates for Bitcoin

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Bitcoin Mining Capitulation

Alt Season

The five most important dates for Bitcoin until 2020

New York Court Rules That State Attorney Has Jurisdiction Over Bitfinex

Max Keiser Calls Bitcoin the Key to Freedom for Black Americans

DTLA Meet Up

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***LE TUPE, FAALETULAFONO, PO FAUTUAGA lafoga! FAAPENA manatu! Ou te le o se tagata tomai faapitoa! Ou AUA faamaoniga A faapitoa taunuuga ou IA LEAI ILOA totonu! E tatau ona e faia au lava suesuega ma FAIA LOU FAAIUGA LAVA! LENEI O FAAPENA FAAFIAFIAGA! FAAAOGA ALTCOIN ASO TAITASI AS A AMATA IĀ ESE faasino!

O lenei faamatalaga e le mea na maua i le lautele i luga o le initaneti. O lenei faamatalaga e mafai ona sa e doctored po misrepresented e le initaneti. le uiga o faamatalaga uma mo le silafia e tagata lautele ma ua silafia e tagata lautele. O lenei faamatalaga e le o faamoemoe e taufaaleaga afaina po o le taʻuleagaina o so o se ata tifaga e aofia ai ae ia faaalia ai mea na fai mai e ala ia latou tala o faasalalauga faaagafesootai. Faamolemole ave lenei faamatalaga ma faia lau lava suesuega.

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NEW CHART!! 📈 This WILL Change Your Mind on Cryptocurrency | le 5 Most Important Dates for Bitcoin

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  1. Oka. Thanks for the information. When i hear people have thousands of Bitcoin, i wonder when i will have just one. Am a newbie and am so positive.

  2. Disappointing to hear Max Keiser mention the W.S. hoax. W.S. is the new Russian collusion, don’t you know.

  3. I watched to the end, but I’m still trying to understand how this video will ‘change my mind about crypto’? What am i supposed to change my mind about, should i be joining the bitcoin maximalist gang?

  4. With Ethereum and Enjin being big altcoins for gaming, I wonder when major companies like EA, Blizzard, Ubisoft, Sony etc. will join in. No news about such so far, but would be major bullish incentive.

  5. Ei, I just found your channel today. You’re the best Austin!! Thank you for all the great info!!

  6. A big telecom company in Austria has begun accepting ETH, XRP, vase, LTC in 7 outlet store

  7. I really hope we see over 50K this yeah.. But when we over 20K ATH will be all really cool 🚀😉

  8. I don’t get why he had to bring black people as if we can’t succeed w/o bitcoin lol. Def bought into the dip this morning at $9.8k.

  9. I like btc, eth and xrp. I think they will all do well in the next bull run. It seems to me that you have your head buried in the sand about xrp and are avoiding how it’s being utilized and is primed to be deployed in other areas besides remittance payments.

  10. @Kieran O Sullivan what ever happened to buying when there is blood on the streets?

  11. With respectwhat is your specific reason(s) you don’t think XRP will get adoption? Great channel!

  12. @I Bought Charlie Lee’s Bags btc is slow in transactions ETH, LTC and other Alts are much faster

  13. There’s a lot of technical misinformation on this channel. Tho it’s not the worst 🙂
    But the news overview I appreciate. Tho all this Bakkt hype is silly.
    IRAN announcing a gold backed national crypto to get around US sanctions and embargo’s, now that’s huge!

  14. @Rob Howard ‘LIVE FREEIndeed!
    This is how I try to explain it to people who are interested in the investment attribute of crypto.
    When something goes on sale, there’s often a shopping rush, sometimes even fights (black friday).
    People want low gas prices, cheap services (ie internet, phone), yet when the stockmarket is at a low, or in this case Bitcoin, people do the exact opposit.
    Does that make sense?
    The mistake people make is that they don’t make a distinction between price and value.
    IMO Bitcoin is waaaay undervalued. Imagine if you were a company and you would have to build the entire Bitcoin code and network. It would cost more than the current market cap, not even including the amount of people and manufacturing it would take.

  15. He just doesn’t like it. He picks it out specifically time and time again as no real utility or wide adoption. He could pick on a truly crap coin but he doesn’t.

  16. You say that, then admit your buying bitcoin to succeed.
    A decentralized economy is definently a win for African Americans. A few black billionares cant do anything for a whole demographic, so why not promote something that actually ‘doesnt see color

  17. I don’t think Willy Woo realizes the value of fungibility and privacy. Bitcoin can do some pretty fancy smart contracts nowadays too, reducing the value proposition of Ethereum. However as far as fungibility and privacy goes, nothing has changed yet for Bitcoin. There are some protocol updates in the pipelines that would increase user privacy but even with those implemented it’s far from truly fungible. Currently this aspect of sound money is the only one i see that holds enormous value in the altcoin space and this is the reason i like to use and save Monero.

    Well that’s not exactly true, decentralized storage is also one, we have some competitors there and i still have doubts on all of them on a fundamental level.

  18. Sareseras I looked into enjin and I think the price can’t really go up because then it’ll be wayyyyy too expensive to use their blockchain

  19. If you are a new person in the space, waiting to buy in, this video might encourage you get take your first steps 👍

  20. historically we wont see new ATH’s until after the havening next year 👍

  21. I was saying that XRP has proven me wrong in this case..and has lasted over 5 years when most havent 👍

  22. Très lourd right but I was already buying bitcoin in general. Not because I’m black, but because I see a good opportunity. Its the same opportunity for anyone who invests early.

  23. We’ve talked about it before. Faalaua'itele, In the long term, I think it will be labeled a security, and in the short term I don’t like that Ripple is in control of so much of the supply. Very centralized.


  25. @Calvin Black im not gonna get into politics/economics here. aupito, most of worlds wealth is not in Harlem and having it is fairly new to African Americans. WE (as a group) can’t compete in a capitalistic society without any capital.
    Buying Stocks or Cryptocurrency is the best entry point for everyone. Good Luck!

  26. @Dr. Ho Lee Phuk I don’t take advice from anyone. I started buying Bitcoin off eBay years ago before any of these markets even existed. I recognized the potential before most of these people even had a clue.

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