💥Cardano [ADA] le 1 Altcoin That Could Be Huge!

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EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO KNOW about Cardano! Including: Staking, OnChainfx, faiga mā, Price, AND Opinion.

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What is Cardano?

Cardano Staking: Everything You Need To Know About ADA Returns

Cardano Staking: Everything You Need To Know About ADA Returns


A $1.6 Billion Horror as Ghana Investors Can’t Get Their Savings

EMURGO Signs MOUs With South Korean Government-Approved Trade Associations To Further Drive Cardano Adoption


Chainwise Blockchain Convention Cincinnati

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***LE TUPE, FAALETULAFONO, PO FAUTUAGA lafoga! FAAPENA manatu! Ou te le o se tagata tomai faapitoa! Ou AUA faamaoniga A faapitoa taunuuga ou IA LEAI ILOA totonu! E tatau ona e faia au lava suesuega ma FAIA LOU FAAIUGA LAVA! THIS IS JUST EDUCATION & ENTERTAINMENT! FAAAOGA ALTCOIN ASO TAITASI AS A AMATA IĀ ESE faasino!

O lenei faamatalaga e le mea na maua i le lautele i luga o le initaneti. O lenei faamatalaga e mafai ona sa e doctored po misrepresented e le initaneti. le uiga o faamatalaga uma mo le silafia e tagata lautele ma ua silafia e tagata lautele. O lenei faamatalaga e le o faamoemoe e taufaaleaga afaina po o le taʻuleagaina o so o se ata tifaga e aofia ai ae ia faaalia ai mea na fai mai e ala ia latou tala o faasalalauga faaagafesootai. Faamolemole ave lenei faamatalaga ma faia lau lava suesuega.

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💥Cardano [ADA] le 1 Altcoin That Could Be Huge!

59 faamatalaga

  1. I have the average under 7cents for ADA and is my 2nd holding after BTC. Price is irelevant now, i belive in the project and the team. Their vision is great, i think price is really good right now, there is 100x chance in the next years.

  2. You guys are best, your videos are my morning breakfast video. I always start my day with healthy breakfast and wise knowledge of crypto from you guys. Thanks guys from crypto Enthusiast from Sweden 🤗🤗

  3. I’m interested in running a staking pool. I have a lot of experience running financial industry systems in data centers.

  4. It’s easy to sayi woudnt buy adawhen you already hold some. If i were a new investor I’d surely want at least some of it at this price. 96% off ath, yes please.

  5. Same here 2nd after BTC I think it has a huge potential I have spent months deep diving into the project. Are there risks, definitely like all crypto but they are creating something truly amazing

  6. @True Dat I agree, once Shelly and the smart contracts are out, Coinbase will list it and slowly it will start to be adopted.

  7. All time high was $1.33 so it seems to me it’s a good time to buy. Can’t go down much more at this price.

  8. You are wrong
    Now is the time to buy ADA where the price 96 % down from ATH
    ADA easily go to $1 during the next bull run

  9. I would say that if there is a time when to buy ADA, it is rather now, when almost nobody is really interested in it. All I hear isnot even working shitcoin”. They will keep hating it, until they buy at $1. There is a risk for sure, but reward can be huge. Allocating some percentage of my capital to ADA definitely isn’t that bad idea. Some projects in my portfolio can fail for sure, ADA can be the one, but who knows. I would rather lose a bit, than risk to let this opportunity run away.

  10. I really enjoyed hearing your thoughts on that, as I have a few ADA and I love hearing people’s thinkings. Fa'afetai!!!

  11. I’m looking forward to the days when good news actually affects price again. But yeah, I love Cardano.

  12. 400 bucks =10,000 Ada! I think it’s worth the risk to possibly being able to retire early. I work at a high end luxury retail store and I watch people pay 600 bucks on a dam belt smh 🤦‍♀️ folks spend 400 bucks for one night out partying!

  13. @Lucian Boboc Since Coinbase lists decentralized coins, Shelley already should be enough for the listing.

  14. Black Sun everyone in the crypto space should get some ADA, the price is good right now and the project has huge potential. I’ve been holding ADA for a long time, never regretted it. It’s a great coin with a great team behind it!

  15. Are you bullish on Cardano [ADA]? If so what year do you see it surpassing its all time highs?

  16. I backed up the truck at .035. It’s higher now in usd but lost a bunch in satoshi. I’m sure it will catch back up.

  17. Altcoin Daily yes, so far only one proven perfomer that leads never relys on another project to rise for its value

  18. @Cyw0rx Damn, you got way lucky. I will probably buy another 25k-50k if I we get to a price starting at 0.03 again. No more fomoing but cool-headed DCA into a decent project.

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