НЕ Недооценка Bakkt Bitcoin Фьючерс! BTC и криптовалюта избежать санкций? – Crypto Новости

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DON'T FORGET how important BAKKT is for Bitcoin and crypto in general! This is one of the topics in Billy's video. Russia and China are also experimenting with crypto to avoid sanctions. в заключение, Billy will follow up on the Wells Fargo news and Bitcoin 2020 that we covered earlier.
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#DonaldTrump Just Made #Bitcoin A 2020 Election Issue

Study Exposes How Russia, Иран, & China Are Weaponizing Crypto

Wells Fargo is Not a Fan of Cryptocurrencies and Bans #Crypto Purchases

Wells Fargo is Not a Fan of Cryptocurrencies and Bans Crypto Purchases

Crypto Twitter

Reminder of how important Bakkt is

Bakkt Reveals Bitcoin Futures Contract Details Ahead of July Test Date

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DON'T Underestimate Bakkt Bitcoin Futures! BTC и криптовалюта избежать санкций? – Crypto Новости

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  7. I always enjoy your videos but I want to submit to you that when we came off the gold standard in 1973 we have not had a United States dollar we have a Federal Reserve debt note don’t confuse them notice the President’s word usage

  8. Сегодня я купил 500 Gram coins on newgram.info/token I really believe in it! Но я уже разочарован о Bitcoin, мне кажется, что он не будет делать таких много X-эс, как раньше…

  9. I’m actually converting back and forth Bitcoin to xrp to try and increase my xrp Holdings the last time Bitcoin went up and then I moved it back to xrp I gained over 3,000 xrp trying to hit that 20K xrp mark

  10. I took my money out of Wells Fargo cuz nobody will tell me what to do it my hard earned money. That’s what everybody needs to do how do thieves to tell people how to use ur money when they are the crooks. That’s a joke we need protection from them

  11. Local credit unions only for me. No way I’d ever bank with one of the major banks.

  12. Isn’t DAI available on Coinbase for you??? Just convert your Bitcoin into Etherium so that there are still no withdrawal fees and then transfer that new Etherium immediately over to DAI which is a stablecoin bro, and then convert DAI back into ETH and then convert that ETH back into Bitcoin

  13. Banks won’t disappear but it wouldn’t surprise me if we had another round of banks going bankrupt during the next depressionno bailout this time!

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