ADA Shelley Testnet, Большое обновление MCO Но на стоимости, Safe Haven Partnership, XRP для насоса!

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Большой Altcoin Update! starts crypto earn in USA and stops CRO airdrops, Cardano Shelly testnet announcement, SafeHaven partners with Global Funeral Care, Ripple money gram partnership to impact XRP's price, and the latest from Celcius Network.
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Crypto Com Starts Crypto Earn in USA, stops CRO airdrops

Celsius Network #Bitcoin


#Cardano Shelley Testnet Announcement

Safe Haven partnership with Global Funeral Care


Ripples Money Gram Partnership to cause #XRP price move?

Ripple’s David Schwartz explains how MoneyGram going live can impact XRP’s price

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ADA Shelley Testnet, Большое обновление MCO Но на стоимости, Safe Haven Partnership, XRP для насоса!

29 Комментарии

  1. The top 3 con men in crypto in no particular order: Джастин вС, Реджи Миддлтон, Чарльз Хоскинсон.

  2. In my opinion xrp is overpriced, that being said it could easily pump. It’s overpriced until the real usage outdoes the inflation rate imo.

  3. We’re waiting to see but they have researched, prototyped, formal verification, functional programming etc.. I see it as an upgraded carefully designed ether with more features.. but really it’s a gamble but I’m definitely betting on it taking a huge amount of market share eventually

  4. @Ant B Charles is doing nothing more than pretending to do deals to pump the price of his phantom project so he can dump his stack of ADA before he and IOHK exit development in 2020. He’s a used car salesman. That’s also the reason why he does an AMA every second day, to maintain public interest in Cardano. Maybe he should concentrate more on development. My advice to you is to stop listening to everything he says and look at Cardano for what it really is, hyped up nothing.

  5. The MCO community is up in arms about the CRO airdrop changes. An AMA will be interesting, Questions for the AMA are posted on Reddit. Thanks for your daily updates. 🙂

  6. @Darren N heeey… 😉
    Cardano is a scam. Here comes a new clue:
    Yesterday it launched its testnet…после 3 лет. Every adaconnecter expected a pump…но, nopeno pump. Only dump. Что ж, it is not actually running yetit will be in many phasesat least threetill the end of the yearAnd that is only the TESTNET for stakingno smart contrats capabilitiesHahahhahathe genious Hoaxinson keeping the gullable on their toes, always waiting for something that is juuuuust around the cornerfor multiple years nowHe is a genious indeed. 😉 hahaha

    Usually there is a buy the rumors/sell the news. Что ж…cardano had at least half of thatthe “дамп” part. …dispite the top ones rising madly.

    Let that sink in for a while.

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