Blockchain Notisia 31.05.2018

Koken Partimentu di Informashon di Negoshi na 31.05.2018

Blockchain Notisia 31.05.2018

$138M komersial kla di tur e merkado di awe

E promé Version Apa di Trinidat na Tiru Ta Biba

Scalability remains one of the biggest problems in the world of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. Overcoming it successfully will warrant a very unique approach. Pa Tiru, a major development is on the horizon. The first alpha of the Trinity client for Ethereum heralds a new era for this ecosystem.

Trinity can be a Game Changer

Ta hasi un par di luna, the cryptocurrency and blockchain community was introduced to a concept known as Trinity. It is a project which provides additional scaling solutions to specific projects. Den promé, it was only supposed to support the NO reda, which was considered a rather interesting choice. Given the centralized nature of NO, sinembargo, extrae di sala ta mas ku bon bini na e proyekto den su forma aktual.

Un par di siman mas lat, news broke that Trinity would support Ethereum and Zilliqa as well. Improving on-chain scaling for blockchains and cryptocurrency projects will not be easy by any means. Although the Ethereum developers are working on their own scaling solutions, it never hurts to have alternative options available.

Scaling is incredibly important for any project involving smart contracts. Considering that all three of the supported platforms offer smart contract capabilities, it makes sense that there would be a lot of expectations in regards to Trinity. Whether or not the new protocol can deliver on its initial promise remains to be determined at this stage.

Sinembargo, the Ethereum community seems quite excited about the first version apa of Trinity for Ethereum. Maske ainda e ta limitá na kontenido den sala di mehora, it is a first look at what the future may hold for Ethereum and some of its competitors. E promé apa tabata abogado "Latina Derecho", though it’s a bit unclear why.

It will be interesting to see how things play out for Trinity in regards to Ethereum, meskos ku e pida disidi. There is a growing need for additional scaling, spesialmente ora ta trata di kresementu di atendimiento di transicion. Ethereum has a lot of network nodes, so increasing the throughput should not be much of a challenge in the long run.

Combina ku tur e otro próximos desaroyo di Tiru, ta evidente ku e proyekto den partikular ta soportá algun kambio importante den e próximos luna i aña. Di awor, Ethereum is in a good position to make a major impact on the industry as a whole. Beton ta e di kresementu gradua pa su proseso di eskala, si bon e preguntanan tokante di e Reda di Rayo keda.

Russia Is Ready to Test a New ISO Platform Developed by Central Bank

Bon Nashonal Depósito (NSD) and Sberbank SIB will trial a new regulatory platform that is set to make local initial coin offerings (Cos) mas seif i mas fásil ta uza pa e potencial di cryptocurrency komersiantenan, Verbal informa. Diseño pa e Ofisina Sentral di Rusia, e fintech proyekto ta un impulso na e teknologia blockchain.

«Sberbank SIB considers the Russian ISO market to be very promising. Hopi Verband kliente ta interes den e tipo di versión, bai tin e intenshon ta promové e servisio di forma practica un biaha ku e marka legislative fiho drenta na vigor; laga nos ta un di e pilotonan pa constitucional i popular e tipo di transakshon,"Go Balance, senior vice president of Sberbank and head of Sberbank SIB bisa.

Tribunal di soria indiká ofisialmente manera cryptocurrency di active

Orea di sùit di Kurá a proklamá ofisialmente ku cryptocurrency ta un trahadó ku un balor media.

E haltu tribunal rekonosé e legibilidat di cryptocurrency aktivo, miéntras ku e kopia di un dekreto priva di corta, pa fia un criminals kondená di reunion na 191 Beton abvo riba e funshonamentu di lugá ib fotográfiko.

Esaki tabata e promé biaha ku e gobernashon a intento no a konfiská un cryptocurrency.

Blockchain Notisia 31.05.2018

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