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BITCOIN TODAY: ਇਸ ਵੀਡੀਓ ਵਿੱਚ, I'll go through the Bitcoin news today & I'll make a Bitcoin price analysis. The BTC news & analysis can be inspiration for your own Bitcoin trading or investing, but is NOT financial advice. On this channel, ਚੰਦਰਮਾ, I make 1 video every single day about crypto news & ਵਿਕੀਪੀਡੀਆ. I'll always include professional Bitcoin technical analysis, to make a Bitcoin price prediction, and I'll also show you the most relevant news for Bitcoin investing & ਵਪਾਰ. Please subscribe if you are a Bitcoin hodler, and leave a thumbs up to support my free videos!

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0:00 Intro | ਵਿਕੀਪੀਡੀਆ ਨਿਊਜ਼
0:34 Bitcoin Price Prediction
4:04 Bitcoin Is FOR THE PEOPLE!
7:26 Incredible Bitcoin Data!
9:18 On-Chain Analysis!

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ਬੇਦਾਅਵਾ: Trading Bitcoin is VERY risky, ਅਤੇ 80% of traders don't make money. Make sure that you understand these risks if you are a beginner. I only recommend crypto trading to already experienced traders!



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Carl Eric Martin (ਚੰਦਰਮਾ)


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37 ਟਿੱਪਣੀ

  1. Golden rule im my opiniondo not invest more than 10-20% max of your money! 🙂
    I keeping that rule because in the past I lost almost all my savings.
    Focus on income -> then invest money but not all.

  2. Carl came up in my first ever search for information about crypto I was so undecided but I went with it and it was the best thing ive done carls taught me a world that has now made me richer man I can’t do nothing but bow and be humbled by this iv suffered my whole life reaching out for a way to change my Life thanks carl never stop brother you have changed my life !!!

  3. 05:47 “bitcoin is money of the peoplerememberehmwe don’t know who actually made it.A large percentage of BTC is in hands of a few (notthe people”), even with the centralized mining (not the people). So far BTC is not worldwide accepted as “ਪੈਸੇ ਨੂੰ” and it has a lot in common with the way fiat is/was created. BTC is also created out of thin air with using high energy costs, with a white paper from an unknown source and handled via one blockchain in stead of a printing press and one bank. Problem with fiat and crypto is it’s intrinsic value. It doesn’t produce anything, so what’s the real value? We don’t know! It’s all about trust, confidence, we still cannot compare it with other things.
    But BTC is very scarce, there will be only 21 million bitcoins in the whole world”…. Yeah, my shoes are more scarce, this is not a good statement alone. If you divide your Bitcoins into smaller parts (satoshi’s) then you could say there’s a lot of BTC.
    I don’t want to bash BTC but we have to be neutral on things and see everything on both sides. If the BTC blockchain existed 9 years ago and one BTC was $0,06, what reasons are there to think that the same Bitcoin and it’s blockchain is $9.200 now? Name good reasons that can validate this. Otherwise it is speculation. (There’s nothing wrong with that, but people have to be aware of that)

    05:56 “right now Bitcoin is money for the people because no one can control it”… Strange thoughts, when there’s a dump it’s because of whales who are manipulating the price….

  4. youre doing very well, please keep going like this! 🙂
    in my opinion many people forgot, or never fully understood, about the real motivation and value of bitcoin and other decentralized protocolls.
    i have often the feeling that many people in the space are not really aware or not even interested and just looking to get rich fast, they do not care about the idea and principles which lead to this superior chance of using technology to create a better society, not just related to currency.

    thank you for mentioning and explaining those fundamentals regulary in your videos, i think it is very much needed!

    ਇਰਾਦਾ / BTC2MOON / free yourself, get decentralized!

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