BTC Ready To Move!! ਪਰ, There Are Both Good And Bad Signs Right Now!

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ਵਿਕੀਪੀਡੀਆ ਤਕਨੀਕੀ ਵਿਸ਼ਲੇਸ਼ਣ & Crypto News Today: Is Bitcoin ready to let the bulls enter? There are some bullish signs in the Bitcoin chart, but there are also some bearish signs, so I'll try to analyse the Bitcoin price as best as I can using technical analysis. The EMA ribbon might give us some clues. ਇਸ ਲਈ, is Bitcoin going to start a bull run now? Well, watch the Bitcoin analysis to find out!

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Andrew Arumugam
Andrei Neagu
Roger I Reyes
Ravinder Valadri
ਡੇਬੀ Schwan

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BTC Ready To Move!! ਪਰ, There Are Both Good And Bad Signs Right Now!

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  1. Said it before and I will say it again. You gotta hit bottom before the next bull run can begin. You gotta take your medicine before you can get better. All these folks living in that river in Egypt.

  2. ‘Hoffman Linehas held again – $100 billion market cap SEC requirement for large institutions – $6000 approx‘Short sellersmay start to panick if this continuespossible ‘short squeezecoming?

  3. Are you making this video from inside of your S Class ? Lately all your videos have been from inside carswhy so?
    BTW, love your videos and the way you explain stuff. ਚੰਗਾ ਕੰਮ ਜਾਰੀ ਰਖੋ.

  4. I like your level headedness and down to earth demeanornot like those other youtubers where every time we have a couple 100 dollar spike we get a click bait type video with THE BULLS ARE BACK BTC TO 50K

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