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ਬੇਦਾਅਵਾ: Trading Bitcoin is VERY risky, ਅਤੇ 80% of traders don't make money. Make sure that you understand these risks if you are a beginner. I only recommend crypto trading to already experienced traders!


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  1. Was the last golden cross a false signal? The incoming death cross makes me bullish. Since there are not many alternatives to BTC, ਸੋਨਾ, ਮੁਦਰਾ, ਡੈਸ਼, since the USD is devalued by printing. The purchasing power won´t rise much from now, but relative to FIAT it will rise to the sky. Save haven, yes, not perfect, but the best we have.

  2. I love your channel, but it seems like TA is meaningless when there are so many whales whose actions are completely unpredictable. Long term trend is obviously good, but short-medium, not so easy to predict.

  3. My strategy is that I cashed out as much stock as I could right around DOW = $21k. I’m not touching my crypto I currently have (which is considerable). I am banking on the stimulus going straight to the 1%. The entire global economy collapsing as the middle class sell all their stocks / 401ks. Once all that takes place, I’m going to take all my useless fiat USD and buy BTC, Gold and big cap stocks (Amazon, apple, target, walmart, tesla, disney etc).

  4. I’m holding out for that leg down. We’re still going to see another 30-50% drop in the DOW and we’re still in the correlated stage of a crash I believe BTC will plummet again like it did on 3/12. That will be it though. That will be a huge double bottom and Bitcoin will take off from there and surge through the halvening and beyond. If the FED prints 5-6x the current USD supply, then BTC should go up somewhere in the ballpark of 5-6x against the dollar, not even taking into consideration supply and demand.

  5. Invested in a few of the stronger altcoins that I believe will outperform bitcoin on a percentage basis on the run up. Don’t really see anything going to the moon, but do see upside potential. Need mass adoption for a moon landing and crypto isn’t there yet. Won’t get a moon landing until you see ledgers on everyone’s keychains.

  6. Your energy is amazing! The bigger the crisis the more powerful your statements. Great! I’m waiting to see much lower prices for bitcoin because I try to catch some cheap ones. Lets see what the future bringsgood luck!

  7. SSWolves that‘s it, the massive adoption we need. And with massive adoption people need to understand what crypto is and how it works. Then they took money out of bank and start to use crypto everywhere- and banks will give up their game- they have to

  8. Stocks improve and bitcoin pumps? So are we decoupled from the stock exchange or not?
    I guess when it goes up then we’re decoupled, yay for bitcoin, but when it goes down then we are still coupled to the stock exchange, boo hoo for bitcoin.
    LOL, just wait for all those Mt Gox bitcoin’s to hit exchangesand it looks like you won’t have to wait long.
    Thumbs down for like begging and affiliate link plugging. That is all, let the hate begin.

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