Token Tank Presents: Aergo | Korean Enterprise Blockchain | Cryptocurrency ICO

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Episode 10: On this episode of Token Tank, Phil Zamani from Aergo to discuss sidechains, token utility, enterprise use cases, and exclusive information about something called Captain Aergo!

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Our panelists for this episode of Token Tank include:
Nye| Shill Nye

Kdub | Crypto Zombie

Alex| Crypto Candor

Lark | Crypto Lark

TOKEN TANK is a show that invites top tier blockchain and crypto startups to pitch their project to an assortment of blockchain/crypto panelists ranging from backgrounds in media, VC, engineering, ਅਤੇ ਹੋਰ. The focus of the show is to provide high quality, objective reporting, exposure, and information about the featured project to encourage viewers of the show to conduct their own due diligence and form their own conclusions about the invited project. Don’t forget to SUBSCRIBE to TOKEN TANK to receive updates on future episodes!
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Token Tank Presents: Aergo | Korean Enterprise Blockchain | Cryptocurrency ICO


Created by Sara Bauer and Richard Abermann

21 ਟਿੱਪਣੀ

  1. me likey 🙂 Saw this last night thought shill nye passed out but think it was his connection from like 26:25 – lol froze to the end of interview lol…..great work ,great questions,very interested ,,,,,,Thank you crypto zombie,crypto Lark Miss Candor, and Shill Nye (Mrpassout haha) NOSHAVETILL20K CrYpTo lArK NaTiOn,,,Iam still wearing the t-shirt 🙂 going on day 3 lmfao,,,no joke,I dont go out much so I can do that hahaguess we have to wait for the exchange ughhhhhh o well,b.s tho,Aergo’s competitor’s????……lol i cant spell

  2. this Token Tank show you guys do is quite cool, watched this last night on Candor’s channel, of course i support everyone! anyways really interesting things said by Mr Zamani, always cool i get the full low down on other people out there. Argo, is something that others should really consider anyways good work on interview, maybe one day i get on Token tank, lol sincerely JR of Exciting World Cryptos

  3. Phil Zamani is one impressive dude! He should run himself as an ICO and call it ‘ZamaniI would probably invest in that. Good questions asked and nice rapport between the friendly neighbourhood inquisitors. This is the kind of show that tests noobs like myself a little by supplying a lot of quality information which requires a little more understanding of industry and the space, and is exactly what I need to be watching more of. It looks like the kind of show that will make us better investors, as concepts get chucked in to the mix, so thank you all for getting together to deliver this. I’m watching this one again to pick up on things that Phil was saying. I’ve bookmarked it.

  4. The Crypto Lark

    I was not aware that it was unpaid. It’s your channel and of course up to you how you run it. I do still stand by my opinion that you should be distanced from any one project and embrace a balanced and unbiased ethic of reviewing weekly news articles and providing your own opinions. I do like your content in general but lengthy videos such as this where the CEO of an upcoming ICO gets to promote his project and shill endlessly is a step backward for you. It feels like one of those paid for interviews where the questions and answers are scripted so that the person interviewed looks good.

    Like I said, I initially subbed for a reason; because I think your vids are original, but I won’t resub it this is the direction your channel is taking.

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