Tether Crashing Bitcoin and CryptocurrencyUS Government Subpoena Bitfinex and Tether

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U.S. Regulators have Subpoena the popular Crypto Exchange Bitfinex and Tether. This crackdown was bound to happen as many have suspected Tether and Bitfinex of problematic activity. Are you holding or looking for buying opportunities?

Tether Crashing Bitcoin and CryptocurrencyUS Government Subpoena Bitfinex and Tether

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  1. Assuming Tether is a total scam (just speaking hypothetically here), it’s very frustrating that a $2.5 billion company can set off a $100 billion market panic. The anxiety of investors in this market is RIDICULOUS. Worst case scenario of Tether going to $0 – on papershould be a disruption of a few billion $ at most

  2. I done that with TRX which worked out good as came back in with a stronger position,
    Looking at coinmarketcap and everything near enough has rebounded back up over the last hour but I will keep a eye out
    Incase the market does begin to crash because of tether then I will pull out then buy back in with stronger positions.

    If bitcoin does fall to 1000 then its sale time and I am buying some 😉

  3. If anybody still had money in Tether with all the warning signs lately, they’d be quite foolish. We knew this was coming. This crash could also be predicted as it is filled with nervous investors. I’m happy to get it out of the way now otherwise it would haunt the rest of the year.

  4. Ameth Rawat If people were paying attention, they’d know this was coming. It should come as no surprise or shock. I expect this to blow over within a week and a strong bounce to follow. Tether has been utilised, but it’s not so integral. The market shall quickly adapt without it.

  5. Bad Santa I knowI was in denial myself about it thinking it was possibly fake but there are some good reasons to have FUD about this. Like I didn’t know that Bitfinex shut down its US customers in November and that the motive could possibly be to avoid legal action after that timeframe (apparently since then they’ve created more Tether than the Federal reserve has created new dollars)…that’s somewhat suspicious to me especially since there have been no audits whatsoever for them proving their holdings yet.

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